An Intel Employee Reports On The Disparate Bounty Intel Pays For Diversity Hires
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Re: Peter Brimelow's article When Quotas Replace Merit, Everybody Suffers

From: An Intel Employee [Email him]

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I thought my fellow readers would appreciate the irony that Intel, the company that is laying off thousands while advocating for more immigrant labor, has a dollar value it assigns based on the sex and skin color of a new hire.  See the cameraphone shot of an Intel physical bulletin board posting at right (and above) offering to pay employees who refer new hires.

At the Intel slave market, women, blacks, and Hispanics (that's how Intel defines diverse) are worth double the price of other new hires. In addition, Intel has a practice of "differentiated" compensation where it will pay higher compensation (whether through salary, hiring bonuses, etc.) to "attract and retain" women, blacks, and Hispanics. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for the diversity practices at Intel.

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