The Fulford File | Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also...Unarmed American Soldiers Dying In Afghan “Green On Blue” Shootings
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It was big news in March when an American Army sergeant being held in the deliberate killings of some Afghan civilians.

Barack Obama apologized for the killings for which Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is being held—revising and extending his previous apologies for videos featuring actual terrorists who had been shot and…urinated on by Marines, and some Korans that had wound up in an incinerator.

But this incident was actually unusual. The usual thing is for Afghan soldiers to murder American Armed Forces personnel.

Last week, there was incident in which Staff Sgt. Andrew T. Brittonmihalo was killed, and three of his comrades wounded, by an Afghan Special Forces soldier who was supposed to be an ally. [SF staff sgt. killed in Afghanistan, Army Times, April 30, 2012]

This week, the Associated Press has an exclusive report saying US not reporting all Afghan attacks (By Robert Burns, April 30, 2012). But many of us had already realized that.

This kind of murder is what the Army now calls a “Green on Blue” incident—in which a treacherous Afghan “ally” murders Coalition soldiers. Canadian General Mike Day has been quoted saying that “Since 2007 there had been 43 'green on blue' incidents where Afghan soldiers shot and killed coalition soldiers…” Day also claims that investigation shows that “[L]ess than 20 per cent of them have any connection to the insurgency at all.”[Fisher: No 'green on blue' incidents tied to Canadian trainers,, February 20, 2012]

He’s saying that that means that the Afghans who killed Coalition soldiers—most of the dead were Americans—weren’t acting according to any plan. They just hated foreigners, or Americans, or Christians, or white people, or for that matter, black people, and murdered them.

Obama is a big apologizer. But Afghan President Hamid Karzai, whose troops have been committing these treacherous murders, is not. A search for the phrase “Karzai has apologized” comes up with 8 results, only one of them including an actual apology, the phrase “Obama has apologized” comes up with almost one and a half million results.

General Day’s figures were from February 20. More recent figures indicate that 76 NATO soldiers have been killed and an undisclosed number wounded in 46 recorded attacks.[Acts of Afghan betrayal are poisoning US war plan, CBS News, March 3, 2012]

As an example of the kind of random hate that occurs, here’s a testimonial from a soldier who had a non-issue Ares Rad Pack, an undercover armor plate and weapon carrier which looks like a civilian backpack, at a party he and his fellow American soldiers were invited to in Afghanistan:

During my last deployment to Afghanistan I was assigned to an embedded partnership platoon, whose primary duties we're running an ANA NCO leadership course. One night the students invited us to a dinner consisting of fresh dead goat that expired due to gunasyphilaids and bread that is made with their feet. We were not taking our weapons to the event to be respectful and to show that they can be trusted, but I myself never wanted to be unarmed in hostile country so I decided to take my Rad pack with a pistol holstered on the inside, but more importantly along with the pistol I was able to fit 20 rip it cans to wash the diseased meat out of my mouth.

As the "dinner" night consisting of foot bread and diseased goat wore on, one of the Afghans started to become more and more hostile towards one of the other Americans. Till one point he walked out of the room yelling and then returned a few moments later with an AKM that he was wildly pointing around the room confronting my team mate with whom he had the altercation. I knew that I had to do something before rounds started to fly. So I stood up from my corner while running and deploying the rad pack at the same time. In 3 seconds I have my front plate deployed and I've drawn my pistol. At this point I have my Beretta shoved in his face "politely" asking for his compliance to get on the ground. Everyone in the room was not only surprised by the force of violence I was able to apply but the [fact] I had a plate carrier/ pistol the whole time along with the sheer number of "rip its" that we used to wash the taste of meat that only Borat would love. The look on the perpetrator's face was priceless, his mouth dropped open and his eyes were wide. He thought he was the only one in the room with a weapon... He was wrong. He brought a gun. I brought a gun, armor, and the element of surprise.

[Ares Armor Rad Pack Saves Lives In Afghan,][Links added by]

Note 1: The soldiers were ordered to be unarmed and unarmored—to show their trust for the Afghans. All through the deployed Army, Navy, and Marines, there are soldiers who are unarmed, or who carry unloaded guns because the high command orders them to. (As it did when Leon Panetta spoke to the Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan.)[U.S. Troops Disarm at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan for Leon Panetta |, March 14, 2012]

Note 2: That was an anonymous letter, like many of the ones we publish here at Ares Armor writes “Name and email were edited for customer protection purposes.” And what they mean is that if the high command hears about the “goat that expired due to gunasyphilaids and bread that is made with their feet” they’ll have a Koran-burning, terrorist-urinating-on, fit. They might even object to him defending himself.

Note 3: This never officially happened. Even if shots had been fired, it would not have been reported unless someone was killed. (See Robert Burns’ April 30 AP story, above).

An unofficial, anonymous report, which I personally consider more reliable than anything released by the Army, reports that recent “Green On Blue” shootings involved the deaths of unarmed American soldiers. Firearms trainer John Farnam, has been writing about the “disarmed soldier” phenomenon on his website for years, had it:

Kabul Murders

28 Feb 12

Details on Kabul murders, from a friend there:

"Perpetrator had been employed two years, working mostly as a driver, and was 'vetted.' You can readily understand what we all think of the 'vetting ' process here!

“On the day of the shooting, he was cleared through two layers of security, bypassed at least one high-ranking officer, and was finally able to gain access to a third layer, where the victims worked.

“Once the door was opened, he, without hesitation, produced a pistol and murdered the door-opener and then made his way to the second victim, murdering him too. All 9mm [Full Metal Jacket]. Only the perpetrator was armed!

“He then calmly strolled right past a dozen Afghan soldiers, who displayed not the slightest interest, and walked out the door!

“Even before this incident, I knew full-well we were in sure-enough Indian Country here, and I took appropriate precautions. My troopers and I contemptuously ignore 'amber' carry (empty chamber) directives, and all self-serving 'Don't worry. You're safe here' trumpery we grow so weary of hearing.

“We carry 'red,' all the time! Our guns are always with us and are never unloaded. Everyone carries at least one pistol on his person, in addition to his rifle, and plenty of ammunition for each. We are never alone, and we watch each-other's backs. We are prepared to instantly respond to deadly threats, no matter where, no matter from whom, no matter the time of day or night. We trust on one. We believe no one, particularly politicians.” [More]

Here are some more examples, from’s archives, of disarmed soldiers, both in the United States, and various places around the planet:

Briefly, the reason for disarming soldiers is that the military is terrified of either a gun accident, or soldiers shooting someone they're not supposed to shoot. They are more worried about this than they are about soldiers being attacked while unarmed. This is the same impulse that actuates civilian gun control, but it's much, much, stupider.

But of course, the Army’s determination to have soldiers who are unarmed as much as possible is only one part of the problem. The other part is the American government’s refusal to recognize that the Afghans, even if they are supposed to be on the same side, can’t be trusted.

The American army frequently claims to have solved the problem of racial integration—making disparate demographic elements fight side by side at the squad level, as in the 1960s comic book series Nick Fury and The Howling Commandos.

This has always been something of a myth, and Steve Sailer pointed out in 2003 [Race Relations: The Myth Of The Military Model] that the only way it can work in American society is because the military is allowed to use IQ tests to sort people, and reject them.

There have been many, many, cases of interracial violence in the integrated military, in spite of the fact that they're all American. The military brass always want to hush it up as much as possible.

After the Fort Hood attack, General George Casey, Chief of Staff for the US Army, and former commander of the Multinational Force, Iraq, said

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

General Casey: diversity shouldn’t be casualty of Fort Hood, Reuters, November 8, 2009

General Casey was born in Sendai, Japan, in 1948. His father was an officer in the Army of Occupation there. The highly successful occupation of Japan and Germany after World War II was consciously taken for a model by neoconservatives both before and after the Iraq War. The blindingly obvious fact that eluded them: Iraqis were neither Germans nor Japanese.

Germany and Japan were civilized countries before the war, and after the war were menaced by, respectively, Russia and Red China, so they needed American protection. Iraq and Afghanistan are nothing like that, for reasons partly racial and partly religious.

Recently General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced a review of all training materials used by the armed forces to after a course was discovered that was insensitive to Islam. [Joint Staff Chairman Orders Inquiry Into Islam Course, By Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg News, April 25, 2012] They are going to go through all the training materials and remove anything that might warn soldiers of the dangers of Islam.

Why? Because diversity is more important than safety.

And that doesn’t bode well for the Armed Forces’ chances of winning any wars at all.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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