THE FULFORD FILE: Moonshot’s Vidhya Ramalingam, Daughter Of Indian Immigrants, Doesn’t Want You To Find Out About The Great Replacement
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It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory,” but a fact, that repressing the Great Replacement concept is an actual conspiracy by Silicon Valley Leftists:

At this fall's inaugural Eradicate Hate conference, held just 10 months after the Jan. 6 insurrection showed how deeply hateful ideologies pervade U.S. society, experts in violent domestic extremism discovered something surprising: hope...

“Doors are open, in ways they haven't been before, to try to more directly confront these threats,” said Jared Holt a fellow at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab who researches extremism.

“There's all kinds of tools at our disposal that we can use to fight this stuff, and there's a political will to do so right now," he said. "So, as long as people can maintain a clear vision and momentum against it, I’m hopeful of what we can accomplish in the next year.”

[White supremacist threat remains, but experts see hope in combatting online extremism, by Will Carless, USA TODAY, December 26, 2021. Also at USA TODAY, subscriber link: White supremacist propaganda is difficult to combat, but there's hope]

Jared Holt is the  communist thug we featured in Doxing the Doxers: Leftist Enforcer Jared Holt, Up Close and Personal—A Few Things He’d Prefer You Not To Know.

Will Carless [Tweet him], the credulous USA TODAY reporter acting as Holt’s mouthpiece, is what we call a JournoFa—a journalist/ activist who uses his platform to promote Antifa.

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USA TODAY Journofa Carless writes

Moonshot, a company based in London, has figured out how to leverage the much-maligned algorithms that govern social media and online ad platforms, using them not to sell products, but to redirect users who are headed down hateful paths.

And the Polarization and Extremism and Research Innovation Lab, or PERIL, in Washington, D.C, working with the Southern Poverty Law Center, has developed interventions that it says turn would-be extremists away from the movement and help parents and caregivers stop young people from embracing hateful ideas…

“We finally have resources: skilled hands like PERIL and Moonshot who are getting at efforts to de-radicalize people and draw them out of groups,” said Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. The Biden administration “has said that they've got to tackle anti-government white supremacy, and we've never seen that before. We've seen agencies say this is a threat, but we've never seen a whole-of-government effort.”

Who is Heidi Beirich, pictured right? She’s the former SPLC head of their "Intelligence Project," which denounced VDARE.COM as a "Hate Site" in December 2003, because it disapproved of a speech Peter Brimelow gave to the John Randolph Club.

Now, rather than debate the fact of the Great Replacement, currently available on the Internet, communists want to hack the internet, and your internet-connected computer and phone, to prevent you from finding out about it.

Carless continues:

Moonshot: Going where government can’t [Because it’s unconstitutional, obviously]

Moonshot, a tech startup founded in 2015, has pioneered an effort to “redirect” individuals who search for extremist content online, by presenting them with alternatives meant to slow or stop them from developing extremist ideologies.

To do this, Moonshot employs the same targeted marketing that sells products.

Working with the Anti-Defamation League, Moonshot compiled keywords and phrases associated with extremism. The company bought advertising on Google and other platforms that deliver targeted ads to people who search for particular terms.

If, for example, someone Googles "great replacement theory” [Link in original,] Moonshot’s advertising would provide that person with videos, news stories or academic papers about how the racist theory has long been discredited.

If you see the word “discredited” in an MSM article or left-wing diatribe, it’s almost always a lie.

The “Great Replacement” refers to white people in the West being replaced by immigrants.

In 1960, the Census showed that the US was 88.6 percent white. In the 2020 Census, whites were 60.4 percent of the population (2019 figures).

The same thing is happening in Britain and France, where they call it the Grand Remplacement.”

We are told every day by Leftists that the US is no longer a white country (“Your Father’s America”). And this immigration-driven demographic replacement, not yet complete, is advanced as a reason for Republicans to pander to non-whites and immigrant, and to Amnesty illegal immigrants in the hopes gaining the votes of disloyal Hispanics:

The Great Replacement is definitely real. And as for the “conspiracy theory” aspect of it,  Wikipedia, which calls the Great Replacement a conspiracy theory, says that theory claims this is this done “complicity or cooperation of ‘replacist’ elites”.

But that’s not a theory, either. See Senator Dick Durbin:

What these anti-conspiracy theory people want to do is break your computer—make it less useful for finding out the facts about the Great Replacement. USA TODAY Journofa Carless goes on:

“We're just using the same commercial advertising tools that are available to any big brand – to Coca-Cola, to Adidas, any big brand – that's trying to reach their customers,” said Vidhya Ramalingam, Moonshot’s founder and CEO. “It’s just that for us, the customer base, so to say, is people who are at risk.”

The company also has been working with Facebook to evaluate the effectiveness of the social media giant's "Search Redirect" effort, which is a similar initiative on the platform. When users search for hateful content on Facebook, the platform redirects them to alternative content that counters extremist narratives.

Those methods alone "will not solve all the problems with social media algorithms," Alex Amend, a company spokesman, wrote in an email. "We’ve consistently called on companies to do more in terms of demonetizing and deplatforming harmful accounts." [Emphases added, link in original]

Of course, Moonshot’s so-called “customer base” doesn’t want “redirects,” it just expects the truth from Facebook and Google. (If you’re wondering “Can Moonshot make any money out of this customer base?,” of course it can’t. Its  actual funders, according to Wikipedia, are Google, and Facebook, and  governments such as the UK, Canada and Japan.)

None of the above are interested in free speech. Vidhya Ramalingam, below, head of Moonshot, is a lady who was educated at Cornell and Oxford, according to her LinkedIn profile, and has spent a lot of time obsessing on White Supremacy. And in her TEDx Talk on she describes herself as the daughter of Indian immigrants”.

She’s also a Hindu, specifically a Tamil—which is probably why one of Moonshot’s main governmental activities is trying to combat Muslim radicalization on the internet.

In effect, she is the Great Replacement in action.

These people, with their influence over Google and Facebook, are trying to break your computer, to render it harder for you to find the truth.

In 2008, I wrote in Internet Filters—Private Sector First Amendment Workaround, or Gov't Censorship In Disguise? that many computers in corporate offices, public libraries, and Army bases were, in effect, broken because in an attempt to keep people from accessing “inappropriate” content, they prevented them from accessing facts. (The companies that make the decision to label something as “hate” are private, but the requirement to have a filter on your computer is frequently in effect imposed by the US government.)

One of my 2008 suggestions: get a Smartphone, not controlled by your company.

Most of you have now done this—you know it’s dangerous to use your work computer to read or your work email to communicate with us. But if they can hack Google and Facebook, “shadowbanning” or outright banning conservative sites, that doesn't help.

Here’s what you can do to keep in touch with

If you’re searching for something and can’t find it on Google, try DuckDuckGo.

Facebook is not your friend—it banned us in 2020, lying that we were a botfarm. So check out dissident social media like, Telegram,, Parler,,, and MeWe.

And remember, the Great Replacement is real, but not inevitable. One of the things that horrifies the censors is that “misinformation”—i.e. Hatefacts—led to the 2016 election of Donald Trump, who ran on reversing the trend.

Everyone, Left and Right, knows that kind of surprise can happen again.

James Fulford [Email him] is writer and editor for


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