WALL STREET JOURNAL Warns the Great Replacement (Decline in White Percentage of U.S. Electorate) Could Cost Trump Reelection in 2020
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We learned from Axios that 96% of all counties across the USA have seen a decline in their share of the white population since 2010.

The Great Replacement is very real. Imagine what we’ll see by 2025… demography is destiny.

Well, now it turns out the Wall Street Journal admits by the 2020 US Presidential election, the true scope of The Great Replacement might be in focus.

Demographic Shift Poised to Test Trump’s 2020 Strategy: Base of white, working-class voters projected to decline and be replaced by Democratic-leaning groups, Wall Street Journal, January 3, 2020

“President Trump’s 2020 election strategy relies largely on the white, working-class base that he excited in 2016. But he faces a demographic challenge: The electorate has changed since he was last on the ballot in ways likely to benefit Democrats,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Working-class, white voters are projected to decline by 2.3 percentage points nationally as a share of eligible voters, compared with the last election, because they are older and therefore dying at a faster rate than are Democratic groups. As those voters pass on, they are most likely to be replaced by those from minority groups or young, white voters with college degrees—groups that lean Democratic.”

“That means Mr. Trump will have to coax more votes from a shrinking base—or else find more votes in other parts of the electorate.”

The unparalleled-in-human-history racial change in America is happening so fast, right before our eyes, we sometimes fail to realize just how consequential The Great Replacement truly is and what it represents. And in just about nine months, we could see the supplanting of the Historic America Nation for good. The Wall Street Journal has spoken, a subtle warning to investors of what’s coming (and the non-white Democrat Party looking to raid 401(k)s and white people’s retirement funds to pay for their programs/initiatives).

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