"Managed Democracy"—Search Engines Suppressing VDARE.com On Immigration Judges, With Help From MSM
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Earlier: Idiot Immigration "Judge" Ashley Tabaddor Makes Crazed Attack On VDARE.com As "Anti-Semitic" Because Of The Word "Kritarch" (Which Is Greek) and earlier than that Bill Barr Moving To Control The Immigration "Judges" By Decertifying Their Union. 

The EOIR newsletter scandal simply this: "some guy included a link to a news/opinion site in an email roundup of news and opinion."

What it really is, of course, some crazy lady judge wrote a letter about being called out for her bad behavior.

But how hard is it to find our defense against her scabrous accusation on the Internet? If you specifically Google "VDARE and Tabaddor," you will see my defense of us on the first page. If you Google "VDARE and immigration judges," it's not until Page Two of the results that you see anything by us. If you use DuckDuckGo, the original post is on Page One, and so is a link to VDARE.com itself.

But when you search Google News, you will see nothing by us. (When Google News started, in the early 2000s, I personally submitted us as a source, and it accepted us, but it's gone, probably due to SJW complaints.)

More search engines:

And as for the Main Stream Media, allegedly in the business of informing the public, they're part of the problem.

I checked half-a-dozen MSM stories about this EOIR newsletter scandal. Not one of them includes a live link to our original post, and not one of them includes a live link to our website. (I checked the source code in each case.) Even journos who clearly have read our posts don't link to them.

The moral: if you want to keep up with what we're doing, bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, etc.

Because Big Tech isn't interested in you hearing the truth.

Welcome to what political scientists call "Managed Democracy."

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