Peter Brimelow Responds To Facebook Over Banning Of The Foundation Page
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This was posted from my Twitter account as a 9-Tweet thread,  as a response to Facebook's takedown of's Facebook page for what they call "Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior". [PDF]


Just sent this to @Facebook

Dear Facebook: I write in response to your 1) disabling of the account 2) making a public statement about's practices and intentions vis a vis our account’s termination.

Because it informs the termination of our account, I will start with the second issue first. We did not have more than one account. The single account we had was not fake. It was completely traceable as evidenced by users’ ability to make a tax-deductible donation from Facebook, through Network For Good, to the  bank accounts. We do not pedal conspiracy. We do not interfere with elections, whatever that means, and have consistently and meticulously honored our limitations as a 501c3.

Regarding the termination of our account, we are completely baffled. We were, of course, dismayed to discover the termination and have awaited explanation for four long days. You gave us no warning. We have to date not received any communications at all regarding any strikes, decisions or justifications for this unwarranted termination. The first we hear is from a public statement defaming our business and implicating us in some wild scheme of which we had no part.

[Screenshot of FB Report.]

Further, if your rationale for terminating’s account is to be taken at face value, that is, that we have been terminated as a result of our alleged practices on Facebook, why are our readers being muzzled also?

It is currently impossible for anyone to post links to articles on Facebook, no matter who is posting them. Our readers and donors are distressed about this and have written to us for an explanation.

Why would our alleged infractions impact their Facebook privileges? Finally, it is my understanding that users own the data they choose to post to Facebook. You are currently holding ours hostage.

If you will not reinstate’s page, please return all data immediately and refund us the money we spent advertising.

Peter Brimelow

VDARE Foundation

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