The truth about the Border Fence (and Senator Cornyn?).
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On Tuesday, I suggested that the national Republican's suspension of funding support for Randy Graf's effort to hold the Arizona 8th District House seat indicated that the Senate vote to build a border fence was a fraud. The Washington Republican leadership intends to go straight back to the Bush/Kennedy Amnesty/Immigration acceleration bill after the election.

One Republican Senator concurs about the Fence vote:

Border fence won’t happen, GOP lawmaker says
Eunice Moscoso Cox News Service Oct. 3, 2006

WASHINGTON - Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican and key liaison to the White House on immigration, said Tuesday that 700 miles of fencing approved by Congress will probably not be built because of a lack of money and other practical considerations

The practical objections Cornyn raised are laughably trifling. What this "key liaison to the White House" is reflecting is an absolute unwillingness on the part of the Bush administration to restrain the immigration influx in any way.

Cornyn defended the Senate vote for the fencing, saying that it was an important symbolic gesture to show that Congress is serious about protecting the border.

A gesture to try to get re elected, more like.

Cornyn started very badly on immigration issues but in the current Congress improved somewhat. He even made some useful gestures in this year’s Senate debate. Not, it appears, because he really wanted to.

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