Mass Deportations, The Lying Press, And The Secret To Success
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Everyone is talking about mass deportations now. The Republican frontrunners, President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, have spelled out serious and controversial plans for ending the illegal immigration crisis and beginning to deport the 13-22 million illegal aliens in the United States. The last official estimate of the illegal alien population of the United States was done in 2021, but only to 2018, and concluded that there were 11.4 million illegal aliens. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) claimed in 2022 there were 11.3 million illegal aliens. The Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) has calculated there are 16.9 million illegal aliens in the United States. In 2018, a Yale University study said there were 22 million illegal aliens.

Pick your number, but whatever your number, there is a secret to successful mass deportations, but no one wants to mention it. Donald Trump’s plan does not mention it, Ron DeSantis’ plan does not mention it, the open borders Lügenpresse doesn’t mention it, and the Treason Bar doesn’t mention it.

First, though, the proposed solutions and the problems. The biggest problem is that despite the explicit claim by Donald Trump that a mass deportation along the lines of Operation Wetback, executed by Jumpin’ Joe Swing, Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, could be replicated, that is not true. But things can be done, as both the Trump and DeSantis proposals show.

With regard to what can be done, the Lying Press and the Treason Bar immediately jump in and say nothing can be done. They even claim most illegal aliens are here legally.

Many of the people they call illegal immigrants are eligible for legal status in the United States or are already here on a legal status. An example of a legal status is Temporary Protected Status [TPS], the humanitarian benefit Mr. Biden just extended to nearly 500,000 Venezuelans who have come to the country since the spring of 2021. People who are in the country and eligible for legal status are entitled to a hearing before an immigration judge, said Greg Chen, the senior director of government relations for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

With Unrealistic Immigration Proposals, DeSantis and Trump Try to Outdo Each Other, by Nicholas Nehamas and Eileen Sullivan, NYT, October 1, 2023

The most galling lie is the claim that illegal aliens are here on a legal status. No, there are no illegal aliens in the United States in a legal status. Illegal aliens in removal proceedings are still illegal aliens, including those claiming asylum. And, no, TPS is not protection against removal, as TPS is subject to revocation by the President at any time, but more important, TPS is not part of the illegal alien count, so why the ignorant reporters even mention TPS is suspicious, as it appears to be an attempt at misdirection.

So is the claim that many illegal aliens are “eligible” for legal status. In removal proceedings, an alien can apply for discretionary relief, which means that in certain cases if an immigrant visa is immediately available, the government may allow the alien to adjust status. However, there are bars that those aliens must overcome, the biggest being that the government must choose whether or not to grant discretionary relief, and then there are the various bars to adjustment based on illegal presence, which must also be waived, which is, again, at the discretion of the government. All either Trump or DeSantis needs to do is refuse waivers or discretionary relief, which is completely within their lawful authority.

The only real objection from the Lying Press and the Treason Bar was that it would take time, which is only one term for Trump, but not for DeSantis, who will have eight years available to him.

”DeSantis’s statement demonstrates his utter lack of any understanding of immigration enforcement operations,” Mr. Chen said. “At a practical level, deporting that many people would be impossible in even a single term.”

The claim that 11 million illegal aliens cannot be deported in four years, though, is belied by the next claim from the Treason Bar and their transcriptionists in the Lying Press. Illegal aliens are too important for the economy, i.e., crops, dirty dishes, and computer chips will rot in the fields, which appears to be a clear admission that the argument against feasibility will not cut it and another excuse to not deport illegal aliens is necessary.

Mr. Chen also pointed out the serious economic costs of deporting many of the workers who take on the United States’ most dangerous and low-paying jobs, particularly in agriculture.

Immigration laws signed by Mr. DeSantis in Florida this year have already led to worker shortages in the agricultural sector, as well as in construction and hospitality, some employers have said. In addition, undocumented workers play a key role in hurricane cleanup in the state, but many have said they would no longer risk traveling to Florida because of the threat of deportation.

There is, however, no such impact in Florida. There are many such claims, but Florida’s economy continues to boom without the legal and illegal aliens supposedly fleeing Florida. Even if so, it is not just retirees coming to Florida; blue collar workers are coming as well.

Then we get the claim that other nations will not accept back their citizens, which is not true for the largest contributor of illegal aliens, Mexico, but in any event the Trump Administration cracked down on such recalcitrant nations and they quickly folded when confronted with visa bans. Every problem has a solution, even opening up diplomatic relations with Venezuela. A small price to pay for ridding us of that particularly bad group of illegal aliens.

But what is not mentioned is the real problem and the real solution. The article mentions ever so briefly hearings before an immigration judge, but there is no mention of Expedited Removal (ER), which to the Treason Bar and their toadies in the Lying Press is as a crucifix to a vampire, with ER eliminating the opportunity of illegal aliens to delay their deportation by using a Treason Bar shyster in hearings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the aforementioned immigration court system.

Strangely, DeSantis’ well reasoned and detailed immigration enforcement proposal, and one more realistic than the Trump plan, does not mention ER. Even more strangely, the Trump plan wants to make Title 42 public health removals the center piece of their enforcement plan, something unlikely to survive court challenge with the end of the China Flu.

Saying the idea has since gained acceptance in practice—Mr. Biden initially kept the policy—Mr. Miller said Mr. Trump would invoke Title 42, citing “severe strains of the flu, tuberculosis, scabies, other respiratory illnesses like R.S.V. and so on, or just a general issue of mass migration being a public health threat and conveying a variety of communicable diseases.”

Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans, by Charlie Savage, Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Swan, NYT, November 11, 2023

The problem isn’t really at the border; that problem can be solved easily by giving Mexico an ultimatumend illegal crossing of the border or suffer the consequences. But in any event, ER and Remain-In-Mexico solved the border problem, but only ER solves the deportation problem of those illegals already here in the interior of the United States.

But statutorily ER will only work for those who have been in the United States for two years or less. That means mass deportations under ER will only cover about two years of the Biden Open Borders. So, a legislative expansion of ER will be needed. The only other option will be the little used Alien Enemies Act, which is very unlikely to survive court challenges, much like a Title 42 redo, as there is no declared war or invasion by any power or state. Remember, the Trump Administration took until three years in to announce, but never implement, a full use of ER, which makes everything Trump claims he will do a little suspicious.

However, all is not lost, as the effect of using ER against the recent entrants, revoking the Biden Parole Amnesty, and ending TPS for all aliens will have an effect on other illegal aliens not immediately affected by those administrative actions. That is the Mitt Romney strategy, self-deportation, making life difficult for illegal aliens. Once illegal aliens see enforcement happening, many will flee in panic.

Remember, we know where most illegal aliens are, through payroll deduction and Social Security Numbers. Most illegal aliens are employed and paid using false Social Security Numbers or Taxpayer Identification Numbers, not paid in cash. Employers know that it is safer to avoid criminal charges for failure to pay Social Security taxes and income tax deductions on illegal employees rather than pay in cash. The government knows which employers to target and where most illegals live and work. Both Trump and DeSantis are ready to send in ICE SVU to do work-site enforcement, which will further panic illegal aliens.

Here one part of the Trump plan will be particularly effective: public enforcement of immigration laws at work-sites and other public places with target rich environments. Think your local Home Depot or the Mission District in San Francisco.

More broadly, Mr. Miller said a new Trump administration would shift from the ICE practice of arresting specific people to carrying out workplace raids and other sweeps in public places aimed at arresting scores of unauthorized immigrants at once.

Public raids, sweeps, and arrests will be, after ER, the most impactful. Ignore the deliberate naysaying by the Lying Press: There are practices that can seriously impact the effort on mass deportations, but there has to be a will to use ER, raids, sweeps, panic, and fear to get the deportation express train and self-deportation moving illegal aliens out of the country.

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