Leftists Complain BITTERLY About Trump's "Invisible Wall" Of Immigration Reduction—His Supporters Should Give Him Credit!
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For years during the Obama Administration we talked about Obama's "Administrative Amnesty", whereby Obama failed badly in his duty to deport illegals. (Immigration activists who called him the "Deporter-in-Chief" were falling for his propaganda.) And Obama's informal Administrative Amnesty was before he came out with the incredibly corrupt and illegal DACA program.

Well, Donald Trump's changes to administrative rules amount to an "Administrative Immigration Restriction" program.

The Left sees this. Here's a description of what's happening:

Observers note that Trump administration efforts to reduce immigration could fill a book. The administration abandoned attempts to convince the House and Senate to reduce legal immigration via the traditional route of passing a new law after Congress rejected bills the White House either designed or supported. Given the failed efforts in Congress, lowering the number of legal immigrants by executive, regulatory and administrative means has become more important within the administration.

The latest statistics show efforts by administration officials to reduce legal immigration have, from their perspective, started to bear fruit. Favorable court rulings and another four years in power would mean even lower levels of legal immigration to the United States and fewer U.S. citizens allowed to have their spouses, parents and children come live with them in America.

New Data: Legal Immigration Has Declined Under Trump, by Stuart Anderson, Forbes, January 13, 2020

Stuart Anderson, the author of that, is not a man of the Left, he’s a pro-immigration, pro-business libertarian policy wonk,  who worked for Cato, and believe it or not, was “Executive Associate Commissioner for Policy and Planning and Counselor to the Commissioner at the Immigration and Naturalization Service” under George W. Bush—when Bush thought he could get an amnesty through Congress.

In 1995, Anderson gave VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation a snarky review in the Washington Times..

Also by Anderson in Forbes: New Data Show H-1B Denial Rates Reaching Highest Levels, April 10, 2019.

At the American Friends Service Committee, they’re not pro-business, they’re anti-American, and feel that the US government under Trump is engaging in a plot to obstruct the Great Replacement:

The Trump administration continues to make changes both small and drastic to U.S. immigration policies. While Trump’s cruel policies at the border and his ramping up of deportations and ICE raids have garnered the most attention and outrage, his other efforts to transform legal immigration have been no less radical. As administration officials and conservative commentators have said, deportations alone may not halt the demographic changes taking place in the country–so the administration is aggressively reshaping the legal immigration system. [Emphases added.]

Trump's attacks on the legal immigration system explained , by Peniel Ibe, American Friends Service Committee, November 27, 2019

More attacks on Trump for his actions on legal immigration:

Given how much hate the Left is giving Trump for this, maybe his supporters should give him some credit?

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