Bad Foreign Doctors: A Roundup
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Earlier: One Reason For All Those Foreign Doctors: American Medical Schools Refuse To Open Enough Places

Above, I noted yesterday that one reason for foreign doctors being imported is that the American Medical Association limits the number of Americans who can train as doctors, by limiting the number of accredited medical schools.

What do you get when you import doctors from the Third World? Well, as reported earlier on, you get malpractice and drug dealing:

You get medical fraud—fake drugs for real cancer, real drugs for nonexistent cancer, and research fraud:

You get sex crimes committed by your doctor:

And you get... slavery and a mass shooting?

The last case, Henry Bello (birth name Obotetukudo), was originally one of those ”sex crimes committed by your doctor” things, before he did the mass shooting in 2017. says he was ”an embittered former employee ousted after sexual harassment allegations.”

Ann Coulter, above, had more detail:

His Third World approach to meeting women resulted in his being arrested in 2004 for lifting a 23-year-old woman off the ground in Greenwich Village, while trying to penetrate her through her underwear and saying ”You’re coming with me.” Although initially charged with felony assault, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor—otherwise he might have been deported and America’s beautiful mosaic would be diminished.

Apart from the turnstile jumping, all of Bello’s arrests involve similarly rom-com, meet-cute scenarios. In 2003, he was arrested for kicking in an ex-girlfriend’s door at 5:10 in the morning. In 2009, he was charged, in separate incidents, with harassing women by trying to look up their skirts.

That’s what we’re getting when we import foreign doctors.

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