The Fulford File, By James Fulford
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Miller Is Mad; etc

John J. Miller just posted this in National Review's The Corner:

"FOR SHAME [John J. Miller] "I just spent a few minutes on Nexis reviewing coverage of the recent Oath of Allegiance controversy, drummed up in part by NRO. In an Associated Press story (sorry, no link - Nexis ain't free), [VDARE.COM note: Oh yeah? See below] Tim Edgar of the ACLU had this to say:

"I think some are confused about this new oath, maybe trying to invent controversy for the purpose of casting doubt on the loyalty of new Americans and on the dedication of the immigration service, and I think that's a shame."

"What a despicable comment—a gross ad hominem attack on people like Lamar Alexander, who have expressed a sincere concern about a bureaucratic revision to an important statement. The shame is all yours, Mr. Edgar. Posted at 07:52 AM

Well, without wanting to shock Miller, at VDARE.COM we have, in fact, expressed fairly consistent doubts about "the loyalty of new Americans" and the "dedication of the immigration service."

I personally don't see what's wrong with that.

You can, pace Miller, read the full AP story online, thanks to the Houston Chronicle. And in it, Tamar Jacoby asking, "Is it that they [i.e. Americans favoring immigration reform] want citizenship to be less inviting? Do they want the country to be less inviting?" 

Er, yes, in fact we do. In fact, that would be terrific.

Again, what's wrong with that?

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Stupid And Evil, Yet Again

"With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?" askeda reader, who forwarded this LA Times story about collusion between Democrats and Republicans to get a stealth amnesty bill passed:

"The lawmakers involved in the deal span the ideological spectrum, enhancing the chances that the legislation could become law. Kennedy is one of the most liberal members of the Senate and Craig one of the most conservative.

"Republican sponsors of the bill said they relished the opportunity to help both agricultural interests and farm worker groups." ["Migrant Workers Legislation Secured," By Nick Anderson, LA Times, September 23, 2003]

Anderson also refers to Larry E. Craig (R-Idaho), as "citing government estimates that as much as half of the agricultural workforce lacks documentation…"

Actually, many of them have documentation. What they lack is permission.

I'm going to repeat this story, which many readers have heard before, but which I suggest you get by heart, so you can repeat it at parties:

"In America, we have a two-party system," a Republican congressional staffer is supposed to have told a visiting group of Russian legislators some years ago.

"There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party."

He added: "Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. This is called–bipartisanship."

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Not Albert Einstein

Dr. Victor Souaid of Coral Springs, Florida was recently convicted of defrauding cancer patients by pretending to inject them with Lupron, which costs $695 a shot. He injected them with (probably) water instead.

Souaid not only billed insurance companies for injections he wasn't giving, he was wholesaling the drugs themselves to other doctors.

Excerpts from the AP story:

"Lupron doesn't cure prostate cancer but is supposed to stop the cancer from worsening by halting production of testosterone. Souaid billed his patients' insurance companies between $644 and $693 for an office visit and injection with the drug. He billed the companies for up to four times the amount of the drug he administered.

"Prosecutors said that Souaid sold $1.4 million worth of Lupron to wholesale brokers that was supposed to go to patients. He did not have a license to sell the drugs."  [Doctor pleads guilty to falsely billing cancer patients, September 23, 2003, Associated Press]

The news story says that Souaid "faces possible deportation." He's a Canadian citizen, graduate of a Canadian medical school, although I believe he's originally from Lebanon.

We frequently hear that America needs foreign doctors to do work that "Americans won't do." But sometimes we want doctors who won't do things that Americans won't do. Souaid's kind of deliberate medical fraud, much more typical of the Third World than America, is one of them.

Dr. Souaid is another example of the counter-argument to what Peter Brimelow called "immigration enthusiasts' silly ploy of reeling off, in place of argument, the names of distinguished immigrants" like Albert Einstein.

Dr. Souaid is no Einstein. More of a Sirhan Sirhan or an Al Capone.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

President Bush has proclaimed National Hispanic Heritage Month, 2003. I suppose you could make up your own jokes here, but I'll note that he mentions

"Businessman Roberto Goizueta, a refugee from Cuba who rose to become the CEO of one of America's largest corporations, is an inspiring example of what immigrants to America can achieve through hard work and character."

It's a style thing, but I don't think that if Ronald Reagan had made this proclamation, he would have been embarrassed to mention that Goizueta was president of Coca-Cola.

Goizueta's success is a great free-market success story (Goizueta and his 32,000 American employees earned more than the entire Gross National Product of Castro's Cuba), But it's not exactly typical.

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Another Fraternity Party

At Duke University. the Sigma Chi fraternity had a Mexican themed party, with a mock border patrol checkpoint at the door.

"Fraternity brothers from Sigma Chi designed fliers that looked like expired green cards, issued T-shirts with the image of a drunk Mexican and built a mock border patrol checkpoint at the dorm's door for the Sept. 13 party, held three days before Mexican Independence Day."

The usual suspects were "Outraged, outraged."

"Sandra Sánchez, a senior and first-generation Mexican-American, said the party 'disgusted and outraged' her.

"'Everything that I am — my family, customs, culture and language — was violated,' said Sánchez, who helped organize the demonstration. 'The stereotypes of drunk Mexicans and border crossing was hurtful.'"

I assume that the T-shirt with the picture of the drunk Mexican on it was not intended to suggest that that Mexicans drink more than Americans—although they do drink more than Americans, of course.

23 percent of Mexican-American men are "frequent heavy drinkers", according to Larry Elder. But the Sigma Chi's didn't know that. They were simply encouraging the guests at the party to be drunken Americans.

As for the border crossing "stereotype," how else do illegal Mexican aliens get from Mexico to North Carolina? Parachute?

Erin O'Connor's Critical Mass blog has an entry headed Duke gets it mostly right, noting that Duke is not going to punish the frat brothers for having a party.

"…the Duke administration is stating up front that there will be no punishment for the fraternity or for individual students.

"Less hopeful, but still entirely predictable: the Duke administration is bending over backwards to (at least seem to) accommodate the various demands of the protesters. They want better recruitment of Latino students and faculty, more institutional support for Latinos, and a Latino studies program."

Apparently, Duke's President Keohane, [email protected], told them that

"...a new committee, to be announced Thursday, will help recruit a more diverse faculty and staff. She also said Duke was building an Americas Studies program, a curriculum designed for the study of cultures from North, Central and South America."

That is, she is not only giving them what they want, but, as far as the Latino Studies program is concerned, she was giving it to them before they even asked.

Diverse recruiting may violate civil rights, equal protection, immigration laws etc. etc., But, as we noted in May after the announcement of a Latinos-only medical fund, Duke University doesn't care.

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