Is It "ICE Dr. Abuses Immigrants" Or "Immigrant Dr. Abuses Women In America"? (Hint: "Dr. Mahendra Amin")
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In a privately run ICE detention facility in Georgia, several illegal immigrant women are alleging they were given unnecessary hysterectomies and invasive gynecological procedures by an "ICE doctor" who turns out to be named Dr. Mahendra Amin.

More immigrant women say they were abused by Ice gynecologist

More than 40 women submitted testimony claiming abuse, alleging they underwent invasive and unnecessary procedures

[By Victoria Bekiempis, Guardian, December 22, 2020]

It would be just as true to say "women in America" say they were abused by "immigrant gynecologist." This follows the traditional MSM rule that when one immigrant victimizes another immigrant, only the victim's immigrant status appears in the headline.

A search for Dr. Amin's qualifications says he was "graduated from Government Medical College Srinagar, Kashmir University, Faculty Of Medicine medical school in 1975."

As is traditional in these cases, the Indian Press names him as an Indian-American. They didn't even bother to look up his medical school, they just assumed that a guy named "Mahendra" would be an Indian [Indian American doctor performed unneeded surgeries on immigrants: NYT American Bazaar Wire, September 30, 2020].'s web research got into his medical background. They don't call him an immigrant, either, you can just tell from this:

According to Amin’s profile on the website for the Coffee Regional Medical Center in Georgia — a profile that has been removed from the website since the original publication of this article — he was educated at the Medical School Government Medical College of South Gujarat University in Surat, India. Amin completed his internship at the New Civil Hospital in Surat, India. His residency was the University Hospital at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. Amin is a member of the American Medical Association, the Georgia Medical Association and the American Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons. Amin’s social security number was issued in 1988.

I don't know, by the way, if Dr. Amin is guilty, although he did settle with Medicare for $520,000 in case alleging overbilling, which is very popular with immigrant doctors.

He was turned in by a "whistleblower," a Licensed Practical Nurse named Dawn Wooten, who is also the subject of allegations:

Just days after a nurse at an ICE detention centre came forward with allegations of mass hysterectomies performed on immigrants detained at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia, new details have emerged about the whistleblower. Several people who were detained at Irwin while Dawn Wooten, the whistleblower, was employed there as a licensed practical nurse have come forward with allegations that she was complicit in the abuses they experienced at the detention centre. 
A spokesperson for an organization that represents migrants held at the detention centre told Prism that multiple clients remembered Wooten making “jokes at their expense.” At least one other person said Wooten knew what the facility was doing to migrant women and did nothing to stop it. She added that Wooten made fun of the people detained at Irwin. 

Well, if the alleged  bad gynecologist is a guy named Mahendra, what does a nurse who makes fun of detainees and makes jokes at their expense look like?

Take a look:

See earlier on bad immigrant gynecologists:

Little Clinic On The Prairie—Muslim Immigrant Gynecologist Charged With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Assault In Saskatchewan

Dr. Mohammed Haque's name never appeared in a headline about his case.

Then there was Dr. Nikita Levy, who secretly photographed patients' private parts, and committed suicide when he was found out.

Dr. Nikita Levy’s name has frequently appeared in headlines, and that gives you a false idea of his ethnic group. Dr. Levy (above) was a black immigrant from Jamaica, a fact that never appeared in a headline (unless the headline was written by me).

And on the general question of "Indian Doctors, Threat Or Menace" see


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