Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 21: Pirates Defeated In Iceland, Eleven Million For Ever, Hungary Resisting, And Germany Still Not A Free Country, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for June 21 is up—go here to read or listen.

01:10  Immigration: Pirates defeated!  (Iceland firms up.)

05:57  Eleven million forever! (Mayorkas says so.)

10:12  Anouk Aimée RIP. (Our V.P. should have listened.)

13:37  Revenge of the males.  (A record-breaker? Eh…)

18:26  Talpra Magyar!  (Understanding Orbán.)

22:26  Germany seething. (Don’t mention the Muslims!)

30:49  A handy mnemonic.  (For Louisiana.)

32:45  Signoff. (With a lied.)

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