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Twitter's QFD Ban On Dissident Sites (Including And How To Avoid It

If you follow on Twitter you probably see our Tweets, but you may not be seeing Tweets by  other Dissident Right sites, because of something called the QFD Shadowban. An article called Twitte...
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California’s Water Problems Continue as Depleted Groundwater Causes Subsidence and Canal Failure

Water supply continues to be a worrisome thing in California, where the memory of the historic five-year drought remains strong. Now we learn that the drought plus overuse of groundwater has caused so ...
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Breaking News: The Jewish State Declares Itself the Jewish Nation-State

From the New York Times: Israeli Law Declares the Country the ‘Nation-State of the Jewish People’ By David M. Halbfinger and Isabel KershnerJuly 19, 2018 JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Neta...
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Today's Struggle Session: Actor Mark Duplass

From Deadline: Last night, Duplass, actor and co-creator (with brother Jay Duplass) of, among other credits, HBO’s Togetherness, in a since-deleted tweet, wrote, “Fellow liberal: If you are interest...
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"Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap"

From Quillette: Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap written by Coleman Hughes Published on July 19, 2018 comments 73 …No element of culture harms black wealth accrual more directly t...
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The British Labour Party's Candidate of the Future Has Arrived

From The Guardian: Labour plans radical selection overhaul including all BAME shortlists “BAME” stands for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic. The whole article is pretty incomprehensible to m...
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Boyle Heights Anti-White Vigilantes Try to Drive Out Kosher Coffee Shop

As I’ve mentioned before, Boyle Heights is a 94% Hispanic (as of 2010) neighborhood just east of booming downtown Los Angeles. It shows up in the news a lot recently for anti-gentrification brouhahas...
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"Why Latino Students Flock to One California College" - Can You Guess?

From the New York Times: Why Latino Students Flock to One California College By JENNIFER MEDINA 7:08 PM ET Though they make up California’s largest ethnic group, Latinos are underrepresented in ...
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A CultMarx “Journalist” Wants To Sabotage’s Relationship With The Brave Browser

Re: Be Brave And Support Me! From: Will Sommer [Email him] My name's Will Sommer, I'm a reporter with The Daily Beast. I'm doing a story on sites on the Right that are being kicked off payment platfo...
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Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump Stands His Ground on Putin

"Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Under the Constitution, these are the offenses for which presidents can be impeached. And to hear our elites, Donald Trump is guilty of t...