”Crackdowns Don’t Work”— Libertarians Always Lie About Immigration
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It seems I am to be condemned to spending the rest of my writing career correcting the lies of the Treason Bar and Libertarians. So be it, they always provide important lies to correct so the public can understand the truth about legal and illegal immigration. The head of the Cato Institute’s Immigration Studies section, David J. Bier, is at it again. This time it is lies about Trump in comparison to Biden on enforcement and the border. According to Bier, Trump had no impact on the border, but Biden’s Trump-like policies encourage illegal immigration, yet Biden reduced illegal immigration by letting illegal aliens in surreptitiously.

David J. Bier

Let’s take this apart piece by piece.

Here is Bier on the ”myth” of Trump enforcement. Trump’s immigration enforcement was, according to Bier, (a) racist and (b) a myth, but (c) caused an increase in illegal immigration.

According to Bier, Trump Was Ineffective, and Biden Didn’t Open the Borders

Here is Bier claiming Trump created the Haitian and Cuban Zerg Rush, but no comment on all the other nationalities, nor explaining why Haitians with work permits in Chile and other nations zerg -ushed under Biden.

Trump Created Illegal Immigration?

Last week, I asked immigration and border expert David Bier what he thought were the top three false narratives proclaimed, promoted, and propagated during this year’s campaign season. His response: (1) “Donald Trump had the most secure border in America’s history,” (2) “Joe Biden opened America’s borders to illegal immigration,” and (3) “Recent immigration is helping Democrats.”

This Election Year’s Top Three False Border and Immigration Narratives: A Q&A with David Bier, by Todd Miller, The Border Chronicle, June 13, 2024

Of course, much of this set of claims is misdirection: Trump attempted to secure the border, but Deep State resistance and sabotage by House Speaker Paul Ryan, especially on the border wall, hurt his efforts. But for the most part, illegal entries were down.

Let’s compare the last months of the Trump Administration on the southern border with that of Biden in the last three years. The below numbers are by Fiscal Year (FY), which starts in October and ends in September.

The Official Numbers on Monthly Southwest Border Encounters from CBP

The Trump Administration numbers for illegal entries are 78,414 in January FY 2021, the first month of the Second Quarter, with October through December being the First Quarter of FY 2021, the last quarter of the Trump Administration. (The blue line.)

Under the Biden Regime the numbers of illegal entries skyrocketed in subsequent quarters of FY 2021, with the Third Quarter reaching 213,593 arrests a month. FYs 2022, 2023, and 2024 were equally disastrous, as the chart shows. Claiming that Trump was worse on the border is just a flagrant lie, which is what Libertarians have to be on the borders, just liars. They flagrantly lie because they want open borders.

Then we get to the Haitians and Cubans. According to Bier, ineffectual Trump caused illegal Haitians and Cubans to zerg-rush the border under Biden, which was only ended by the Biden Parole Amnesty, but Bier does not mention the 2022 secret Biden deportation flights to Haiti or the sudden surge in Expedited Removals of Cubans and Haitians in just the last few days. For all the Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese, Africans, Brazilians, and others he has no explanation as to why they are still zerg-rushing the border. Perhaps it’s because CBP is only deporting a few nationalities; Mexican, Central Americans, Haitians, and Cubans.

Looks Like Deportation Works

The Biden administration expelled nearly 4,000 Haitians on 36 deportation flights in May—a significant increase over the previous three months—after renegotiating agreements with the island nation, which has been crippled by gang violence and an expanding humanitarian crisis.

Over the past year, a growing number of Haitians have been making the journey through the jungles of South America to dangerous stretches of northern Mexico, then crossing into the United States. Recently, many have also been trying to reach Florida by boat. They have been part of a record wave of migration at the border with Mexico.

U.S. Accelerated Expulsions of Haitian Migrants in May, by Eileen Sullivan, NYT, June 9, 2022

Here is some of the damning video of Haitian illegal aliens who destroyed their Chilean Identification Cards and entered illegally—supposedly because of Trump.

Haitians Were Safe but Came Anyway Because of Biden

Haitians Were Safe but Came Anyway Because of Biden

Here Is the Infamous Video of Haitians That Caused Biden to Increase Deportations

But here is the reason that the illegal aliens came, especially Haitians and Cubans: Joe Biden told them to rush to the border to claim asylum. And Biden ended Remain-In-Mexico, stopped wall construction, and ended other Trump polices. Policies that the Jewish-Cuban unindicted visa-fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas bragged about. 

Here is Bier claiming that there were no Trump policies that were rescinded by the Biden Regime.

Illegal Immigration Just Happens

Crazed Angry Biden Told Illegals to Rush the Border

Who are you going to believe, the lying head of Cato’s Immigration Studies or the unindicted visa fraudster?

The fact is Trump was more effective than Biden on the border, but could have been even more effective if he had followed all, not just part, of my advice.

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