Another Atlanta Black Woman Prosecutor Abusing Power
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H/T (as so often) Revolver for DEI prosecutor who once said she’d never ‘degrade herself for a dolla’ was just convicted for stealing $15 million in COVID funds…[June 10, 2024].

You probably won’t be surprised to hear about another DEI fraud case out of the Peach State. Atlanta is quickly becoming a rival to Chicago in the corruption market with its lying, thieving, and dicey left-wing politics.

Revolver is of course referring to Fani Willis. This case is about Shelitha Robertson,  sometime assistant city attorney of Atlanta. Revolver quotes Colin Rugg:

Shelitha Robertson, who said she would never degrade herself ”for a dolla,” used the PPP loans to buy a Rolls Royce, a 10-carat diamond ring, and a motorbike. Robertson submitted a false loan application claiming she needed money for her four businesses. She also transferred funds to family members.

Rugg does not name his news source, but here is another account: Cracking Down on PPP Fraud: Shelitha Robertson’s Conviction [, June 9, 2024].

Revolver also delightedly quotes the Daily Mail: Atlanta prosecutor jailed for $15m Covid fraud donated to DA Fani Willis as she splurged on diamonds and a Rolls Royce.

The account goes on:

…she erroneously claimed she presided over a workforce of more than 400, meaning she was entitled to millions in emergency handouts.

In reality, she was falsely inflating those numbers and monthly payrolls with false supporting tax documentation.

I am going to claim this as another for my Black Women Abusing Power collection. Perhaps Robertson did not directly use her prosecutorial powers, but the social and political standing the office gave her no doubt facilitated her otherwise implausible claims. The Atlanta Prosecutors Office must be quite a place.

I know of at least two other cases I should discuss. Now I understand why Kenn Gividen has a full-time job.

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