Good News: Governor Greg Abbott Is Taking Low Key But Aggressive Action—Push Back!
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I have long been advising Governor Greg Abbott to be more aggressive in enforcing immigration law, well, not immigration law per se as what he is doing is not in the law precisely, but enforcing the will of the American nation at the border with push-back.

Push-back is a policy of forcing illegal aliens who enter the United States without inspection physically back across the border with Mexico. It can entail a display of force that causes illegal aliens to run back over the border, to physically pushing the illegal aliens back across the Rio Grande, to using less-than-lethal force, such as pepper balls, tear gas, and baton rounds to force the illegal aliens back. This will actually make Greg Abbott the first American governor to deport illegal aliens. Well, not deport, as that has a precise legal meaning; call it expulsion. Governor Abbott has been acting in fits and starts, perhaps going slowly to see what he can get away with, perhaps because his heart is not really in it, but either way, things are happening.

But it appears that push-back is now official policy. 

Wetbacks Getting Pushed Back

This is a major development, with push-back being the new and official policy if National Guardsmen are stating openly that that is what they are doing. It will open new issues with the Federal government, but at this time it appears that the Biden Regime has backed down over Texas border fortification and barbed wire fencing, appearing also to acquiesce to the extralegal expulsions.

Time for Governor Abbott to double down and start aggressively sweeping the north bank of the Rio Grande with riot lines of Guardsmen and state troopers forcing large numbers of illegal aliens back across the river. 

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