The ”Random” Stabbing Murder Of A White Three-Year-Old By A Black Woman
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Three-year-old Julian Wood was stabbed at a Cleveland area grocery store. He died from his injuries, according to the medical examiner.

Bionca Ellis, 32, was arrested and charged with 10 counts, including aggravated murder. The boy’s mother was also stabbed but survived. [New details on woman accused of fatally stabbing 3-year-old within seconds outside grocery store, by Katie Hawkinson,, June 5, 2024]

Julian succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, while his mother received treatment for her wounds.

The attack challenges the rationale of racial integration. Ellis is black; her victims are white.

Julian Wood was guaranteed the right to life by the U.S. Constitution. Forcing him to integrate with a people group proven to be disproportionately violent seems to violate that most basic right. On the other hand, law-abiding blacks should not suffer the inconveniences of segregation due to the nefarious behavior of their kinsmen.

My conclusion: Segregation leads to safety, even when law-abiding blacks are inconvenienced.

A black restaurateur in Missouri seems to agree. The owner of Bliss Caribbean Restaurant refuses admission to women under the age of 30 and men under the age of 35. In so doing, the establishment that serves Caribbean and West African cuisine has managed to cull immature blacks most likely to turn happy hours into brawls.

Numerous shopping centers around the country have done the same. By banning groups of unaccompanied minors, the malls have eliminated groups of rowdy black teens. On the other hand, law-abiding teens should not suffer the inconveniences of segregation due to the nefarious behavior of others.

Again: Segregation leads to safety, even when law-abiding white teens are inconvenienced.

Police say the attack’s motive is still under investigation but emphasized that it appears to be a random act of violence. Jim Goad questions the randomness at Counter-Currents, mentioning the names of nine other three-year old murder victims, all of them white children killed by blacks.

Bionca Ellis reportedly acquired the knife from a nearby thrift store before following Margot and Julian from inside the Giant Eagle grocery to the parking lot, where the attack occurred. There were no prior interactions or altercations between Ellis and the victims.

Ellis has a previous conviction from 2023 for unauthorized use of property related to a shoplifting incident at Walmart in North Olmsted but has no known violent criminal history. She was briefly held and released on May 30 after being arrested for a probation violation.

Note that Ellis, age 32, would be allowed to dine at Bliss Caribbean Restaurant.

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