JOHN DERBYSHIRE: ”NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW”? Yeah, Right—Except For Illegals, Boston Shoplifters, Burglars, Vice Presidential Influencer Peddlers Etc. Etc.
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The Hunter Biden verdict—guilty of lying about his drug use on a federal firearms application—is a small propaganda triumph for the Ruling Class. ”See,” they’re all jeering, ”NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW!”

Yeah, right. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW… except for the untold millions of foreigners who entered our country illegally and settled here, and the employers who’ve hired them.

And, by the way, how many millions is it? Around the turn of the century, the number eleven million somehow floated up to the surface of our collective consciousness. The late and much-lamented Sam Francis deployed it here at in November 2002:

But the fact is that a nation penetrated every year by some 300,000 illegal aliens and in which some 11 million illegal aliens live permanently is not a nation experiencing ”immigration.” It is a nation experiencing invasion and conquest—and that’s not counting the legal immigrants.

We miss you, Sam.

But in the years that followed, the first decade of this century, the number eleven million somehow got stuck in the not very capacious minds of politicians and their media shills.

It got really stuck: I still sometimes hear it. I thought I remembered hearing Marco Rubio use it a few months ago, but when NBC pundette Kristen Welker used it to him in May, he said “Eleven million? That’s an outdated—that was the number 10 years ago. We’re talking upwards of 20, 25, maybe 30 million. There’s been almost 10 million people that have entered this country in the last three years.” and then the Tampa Bay Times “factchecked” him (“That’s not true.”)—as if they know for sure [Rubio made statement about number of people in U.S. illegally | Fact check, by Maria Ramirez Uribe, June 15, 2024].

The number eleven million was certainly still current nine years ago when Ann Coulter published her book Adios, America!, because she pooh-poohed it, quoting a 2005 study by Bear Stearns that, put it at twenty million. Ann herself wrote in Adios America (Chapter 5: Thirty Million Mexicans):

Combining Justich and Ng’s conclusion that there were 20 million illegal aliens here in 2005 with the estimate of Pulitzer Prize winners Barlett and Steele that another 3 million illegal immigrants would enter in 2006, plus at least another 3 million illegals coming in every year throughout the following decade—surely a low estimate—would mean there are at least 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States today. To most Californians, 30 million seems low.

Ann tweeted about this a year and a half ago:

Another year and a half of Open Borders, that could be another ten million. So sixty million, maybe seventy… who knows?

Even if the number of resident illegal aliens is only fifty million, though, that makes a joke of ”Nobody is above the law.”

There’s a lot of daylight between ”nobody” and ”fifty million souls.”

There is another big cohort of people who are ABOVE THE LAW, too: all those petty criminals that Big-City prosecutors will no longer prosecute for fear George Soros might pull his funding from their election campaigns.

That cohort, like the one of illegal aliens, swells day by day—although there is of course considerable overlap of the two cohorts.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I read this story concerning the elected Mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu: Boston Democratic mayor says criminals should not be prosecuted for theft, gang registry should be abolished, NY Post, May 30, 2024.

Back in March 2019 a black Boston-area District Attorney, another gyno-American, name of Rachael Rollins, published a much discussed Policy Memo listing more than a dozen charges she said should not be prosecuted.

The do-not-prosecute list included

  • shoplifting
  • larceny
  • disorderly conduct
  • receiving stolen property,
  • driving with a suspended license
  • breaking and entering with property damage
  • wanton and malicious destruction of property
  • threats
  • minor in possession of alcohol
  • marijuana possession
  • possession with intent to distribute
  • non-marijuana drug possession.

D.A. Rollins was later brought into the Biden administration—as U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts—but soon had to resign after an ethics probe found that she had committed ”egregious” ethical violations and ”abuse of power.”

Mayor Michelle Wu presumably knew that when she was asked whether she agreed with D.A. Rollins’ do-not-prosecute list.

Yes, she replied, she agreed with it.

So shoplifters, thieves, burglars, vandals, and so on are ABOVE THE LAW in Boston, or soon will be.

What will get you arrested nowadays?

Well, on the other coast, over in Spokane, Washington, a 19-year-old man was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail for 1st Degree Malicious Mischief. Two additional suspects (minors) were arrested and booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center for the same charge [Multiple Arrests Make After Downtown Pride Mural Is Vandalized, by Ofc. Daniel Strassenberg, PIO, Spokane Police Department, June 6, 2024].

What evil did these evildoers do?

The road at a big intersection had been painted all colors to celebrate Pride Month. These perps had ridden scooters over it leaving black scuff marks.

News pictures show two of these criminals—both white, of course—already in prison outfits waiting to be locked up.

Throw away the key!

So yes, in all fairness, there is a category of people not ABOVE THE LAW.

That category just doesn’t include alien border-jumpers, Boston shoplifters and burglars, and U.S. Vice Presidents selling their influence to Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian business moguls.


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