Biden’s Border Crackdown Nothing More Than An Election-Time Ruse
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So “Biden,” who doesn’t even know he’s dialing back his own executive orders, is now re-implementing some of the executive orders Trump used to close down illegal immigration.

Don’t be fooled, there are still plenty of loopholes to allow in mass migration so that “replacement migration” (their term for the Great Replacement) can continue [Biden to Announce Asylum Restrictions and Border Closures That Will Never Be Implemented, by Rick Moran, PJMedia, June 4, 2024]. Already, the open borders / hate America first ACLU is getting ready to sue any type of actual enforcement.

The border would be closed once 2,500 asylum requests per day are made. That would mean roughly 912,500 illegal aliens with bogus asylum claims are let in per year. But wait, there’s more! There are loopholes allowing “unaccompanied” children to claim asylum, as well as those suffering medical emergencies, and victims of human trafficking.

The whole bill is nothing but a joke meant as an election time ruse. Mayorkas (because no one believes Biden is running the show) has already let in 10 million illegal aliens on top of the estimated 22 million who were already here [Yale Study Finds Twice as Many Undocumented Immigrants as Previous Estimates, Yale Insights, September 21, 2018]. (And that was back in 2018; this study was done by the leftists at Yale. Imagine how many more were let in before Biden even took office.)

For some reason, this reminds me of the story of Theodore H. White in Illinois at the 1960 election—see JFK, Mayor Daley, And The Joy of Counting Your Votes Last. The Republicans caved to pressure, giving away their poker hand. It was then a matter for the Democrats to make up more fake ballots than the Republicans had.

The Republicans aren’t committing fraud here, but they should be screaming about the hypocrisy of the Mayorkas administration claiming it needed new legislation to secure the border, but is now caving and admitting that they could have done it all along through executive order.

Speaking of that new legislation, Chuck Schumer (who hates the Historic American nation) reintroduced his smoke and mirrors “bipartisan” Border Bill. The Center for Immigration Studies’ series called Parsing Immigration Policy has a second takedown of how terrible this bill is [The ‘Bipartisan’ Border Bill: Codifying Biden’s Abuses, by Mark Krikorian and Andrew R. Arthur on May 30, 2024].

 Andrew Arthur, who used to be an Immigration Judge, goes through the bill a second time, detailing all the loopholes in it and how the bill seeks to codify into law measures that would prevent a future president from securing the border on top of that. The Senate bill is highly deceptive and gives more power to Asylum Officers to release illegal aliens into the United States with work permits.

The Republicans should be pushing the House border bill H.R. 2 harder than ever. It would actually secure the border. They should also be yelling on every news outlet about how the Democratic administration’s reversal proves that the border is open intentionally.

The Dems love to claim that our immigration system is broken. They should know, they are the ones who broke it.

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