Treason Bar Upset At Biden’s Fake Asylum Restrictions But They Admit They’re All Fake
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So the usual suspects are crying like stuck pigs at the fake Biden restrictions on asylum claims at the border. But in a fit of honesty, one lets the cat out of the bag and despite their histrionics, they know it will have no impact on asylum claimants.

It was not too long ago that asylum was a right according to Joe Biden, but now he feels the need to be a little more restrictive.

The worst take, though, is that one Treason Bar shyster claims that legitimate asylum claimants are too traumatized to tell the truth of why they are coming to immigration officers.

This is an old shibboleth that refuses to die, much like the lie that Barack Hussein Obama was the Deporter-in-Chief. This is based on the fiction that real asylum claimants are too traumatized by rape, beatings, and other violence to tell their story truthfully to an Asylum Officer. Basically it is a cover story for fraudulent claims that have no factual support or even the lack of any colorable claim to asylum. The trick is that if asylum claimants can get face time with an attorney, they can then tell a truthful story. This is if you believe that the trauma disappears in the presence of an attorney and not that the attorney coaches a fake story.

And it is not just the Treason Bar—infamous Palestinian anchor-baby Hamed Aleaziz goes into detail how asylum claims always improve in quality with an attorney. Simply telling one’s story of persecution by their government appears to be impossible in the case of illegal aliens without big payments to the Treason Bar.

The Biden administration, desperate to limit border crossings after a key pandemic-era measure expired late Thursday, slashed the amount of time asylum seekers have to find lawyers before their crucial first interviews with immigration officials.

The Trump administration issued a similar policy in 2019, but that effort was later blocked by a federal court. President Biden’s move is the latest example of him adopting a Trump-style scheme in an attempt to manage high numbers of border crossings.

Biden’s version of the policy, outlined in an email sent to asylum officers Wednesday and obtained by The Times, gives asylum seekers at least 24 hours to find and consult an attorney once they receive information on the process. Before the change, migrants had at least 48 hours from their arrival at a Department of Homeland Security facility to find a lawyer.

Biden Cuts Time For Migrants To Get Lawyers, Echoing Trump Policy As Title 42 Expires, by Hamed Aleaziz, LAT, May 11, 2023

Unmentioned is that there is no right to an attorney during a credible fear interview, only in the legal proceedings following a credible fear determination if the case is referred to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the administrative immigration law hearing system. Now, Aleaziz should know better as he has been covering immigration for years and claims to be an expert, but he is not an attorney or a former immigration officer, so he has a colorable claim to ignorance.

But shysters from the Treason Bar should know better, and they are livid that courtesy access to lawyers by asylum claimants is going by the wayside.

Worse yet, though, the Treason Bar agrees to the Federale analysis: all they have to do is say the magic word, “asylum.”

Here is the rest of the X:

Heck, would not be surprised cartels will be pinning an “i claim asylum” note on their customers or maybe they will give preprinted “I claim asylum” bracelets or make their white glove customers wear a t-shirt with “This is a Manifestation to Seek Asylum” on it. That would sure satisfy the IFR.

The fact is this fraud has been going on for years. Attorneys, cartel sicarios, independent coyotes, and open borders activists have long been training illegal aliens to make fraudulent asylum claims, 99% fraud.

Despite the screeching, illegal aliens will have four hours to contact an attorney by telephone.

In my experience interviewing initial asylum claimants at a Port-of-Entry, the initial interview without interference by an attorney is critical. During the initial interview, the asylum claim is generally either non-existent—they just want to come to America—completely lacking credible details, or just patently absurd; some villager in the most rural Punjab suddenly gets singled out by the police for his Sikh beliefs, then finds tens of thousands of dollars to buy a fake passport with a fake American visa, get from India to Singapore, board an aircraft, then destroy that document, arriving at the airport in America with no identification. That is not how a true victim of persecution acts.

Abandoned Passports and ID Documents of Asylum Claimants

Why are they destroying their documents? The border is covered with destroyed or abandoned passports and identity cards. If they were truly persecuted, they would want the American government to verify their identity so their claim of persecution could be verified.

The real solution is to end the right to claim asylum by illegal aliens.

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