Is It Time For Americans To Start Talking About The Devil?
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If one is a religious believer, then one must concede that all questions, including political questions, are ultimately theological questions. We must, therefore, consider what many of us have, deep in our hearts, known all along: that the anti-white, anti-Historical American Nation malice now menacing the world is, in fact, the work of the Devil himself. understand: I realize that VDARE is a nonsectarian coalition of various faiths (and none). And I generally prefer not to flaunt my Roman Catholic perspective in my writing because, ideally, theology and politics should remain separate spheres. And yet any decent person following the current news has to wonder if there is a sinister force at work in the world that is not human in origin.

In fact, I think you’ll find that this is the kind of question that, once raised, nearly answers itself.

For example, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals—the handbook of the Left and of the last two Democratic nominees for President—was dedicated to Lucifer, “the first radical.” Here, Alinsky openly admits who he was really working for, and yet we hesitate to consider the implications of this in-your-face admission. Why?

Many people, including professed Christians, do not believe the Devil exists—which, of course, has long been the Devil’s greatest achievement. However, it is perhaps more likely that most of us just don’t want to think about the Devil because then we would be forced to admit the gravity of the challenge facing us.

So who is the Devil and what are we to do about him?

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Lucifer was originally one of the  Seraphim, which is the highest choir of angels (Lucifer means “light-bearer” in Hebrew) [Summa Theologiae—Question 63. The malice of the angels with regard to sin].

At Creation, however, God tasked the angels with serving mankind, which many angels, most notably Lucifer, refused to do on the grounds that higher beings should never stoop to serve lower beings. “I will not serve” Lucifer insisted, and subsequently, along with one third of the angels, rebelled.

A battle in Heaven ensued and Lucifer and his army were expelled, the conflict John Milton strikingly portrays in Paradise Lost. In fact, the late and legendary exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth reported that many demons had actually confirmed the historical fact of this battle and banishment to him.

After this expulsion, Lucifer became known as “Satan” (Hebrew for “adversary” or “accuser”) and ever since he and his fallen angels have continued to, as Saint Peter put it, prowl the earth like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Is it not, therefore, obvious why Satan would specifically target white civilization? White men have been responsible for virtually every high achievement in every field of human endeavor; most notably, Christendom. If Satan’s goal is to undermine the human race, it only makes sense that he would target whites for extinction.

While the vilification of white people may be an historically recent strategy, it is just an updated form of an age-old temptation tactic: envy; particularly equality as a vehicle for envy.

Indeed, the Soviet spy Whittaker Chambers, who renounced Communism and testified against Alger Hiss, traced the Communist promise of material equality back to the serpent’s promise to Adam and Eve that if only they eat of the forbidden fruit they will be equal to God [The logic of the soul: 6 quotes from Whittaker Chambers’ ‘Letter to My Children, ’ by Joseph Sunde, Acton Institute,  March 5, 2018].  Over the years, Satan periodically updates the lie with “liberty, equality, fraternity” or “workers of the world unite” or the “Great Leap Forward.” You get the picture.

Today’s temptation is “racial equality” with its vague promise that if only we can subjugate and kill off these white Christian overachievers, then finally we will all be equal and all will be well in the world.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Satan cannot read our thoughts, but he can influence the human imagination in order to profane human appetites. C.S. Lewis describes Satan as a seducer who whispers temptations into the ears of men so that we might reject God’s creation by first rejecting ourselves and our fellow man.

“You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires,” Jesus told the Pharisees. “He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

“Murder” is the operative word—because the gradual death of the West is not, as Cold War conservative philosopher  James Burnham argued, a suicide, but a murder. The Devil has seduced white nations into a gradual suicide, so that, once sufficiently weakened, he can kill us off by force.

However, Satan knows that he cannot murder a person unless he first murders their soul. Indeed, Satan in Hebrew means “accuser,” which may explain why Satan is such a master of the personal accusation that ruins an individual in the eyes of his fellow man.

Do you really think that individual filming Amy Cooper walking her dog in Central Park was not doing the Devil’s work? Satan is, in fact, the original Social Justice Warrior.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all these anti-white radicals have consciously entered a pact with the Devil. Yes, there are those Alinskyites who have deliberately sold their souls to Satan, but most radicals are unwittingly under his spell.

Think about it: Do you ever wonder why it is so impossible to communicate facts and logic to an Open Borders zealot? Try as we might we can never break the hypnotic hold that anti-Historical American Nation malice has on these people. Do they not seem like they are operating under a kind of otherworldly spell?

Saint Paul warns us that Satan’s minions often appear as “ministers of righteousness” exercising the art of soul murder by employing the language of goodwill. In due course, today’s ministers of righteousness are working overtime to ruin the lives of ordinary white people like Amy Cooper, Nick Sandmann, or Paula Deen. They experience a moral thrill whenever they cancel, dox, and deplatform people whose only crime is being white.

In the temptation in the desert , Satan took Jesus “to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. ‘All this I will give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.’”

The most disturbing aspect of this encounter is that Jesus never counters Satan’s boast that he possesses all the kingdoms of the world—perhaps because he knew that it was largely true; then, as it probably is now. More importantly, Satan’s deepest desire is for Jesus to bow down before him, but Jesus refuses because he knows that we are only to bow before God Himself. 

Is it really just a coincidence that white people across the world now bend the knee to a rival religion most of them cannot even name?

Over the years we have called this rival religion anti-anti-Communism, or anti-racism, or anti-historical nation malice, but they are just different parts of the prongs on the devil’s trident.

What, then, are we to do?

Remember, Satan’s greatest fear is exposure. He operates in the shadows and, like a vampire, cannot bear sunlight. We must, therefore, call the Alinskyites what they undoubtedly are: “Satanists”—and place the onus on them to disavow him.

The Left will initially feign laughter. But eventually there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth because—mark my words—they will not be able to disavow Satan. They can’t. He owns their souls, and many of them probably aren’t even aware of it.

Furthermore, we must unabashedly defend the Historical American Nation as history’s highest achievement. We must repeatedly insist that it is a mortal sin to hate one’s own race, or that of your fellow man; that it is a mortal sin to undermine one’s own country, or emigrate to another with the goal of destroying it.

And we must be ready to withstand the demonic wrath that they will subsequently direct at us.

If we blow on this certain trumpet, the Great Silent Majority will heed our call, and then we will realize that we have had the superior forces all along.

Remember, Satan projects far more strength than he actually possesses. The Devil knows better than anyone that diversity is not a strength, and his Coalition of the Diverse is already splitting at the seams.

Indeed, scripture hints at how this might all play out. In ancient Israel, Jehoshaphat and his people did not flee Jerusalem in the face of three advancing armies but kept their faith in God and stood their ground. And then on the day of battle the disparate armies turned on each other and began to fight amongst themselves, tearing each other apart to the extent that not one of them survived.

In the coming days it will not be easy to ignore the Devil’s propaganda and keep the faith. Nevertheless, we can not only survive the dark times ahead, but prevail over them, but only if we continue to stand together, fight the good fight and finish the race.

The very survival of our civilization demands nothing less.

Matthew Richer (email him) is a writer living in Massachusetts. He is the former American Editor of Right NOW magazine.

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