Saint Stephen Lawrence Day In The UK—Feast Day Of A (Rare) Black Victim Of White Crime
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Back in 2016 I noted a column that Professor and scholar of human language John McWhorter had published at The Daily Beast under the title "Anti-Racism, Our Flawed New Religion." Anti-racism is, he wrote, quote, "what we worship, as sincerely and fervently as many worship God and Jesus and, among most Blue State Americans, more so."

I bring this up again because next Wednesday is April 22nd, feast day in Britain of the holy blessed martyr Stephen Lawrence.

I described the case of Stephen Lawrence in full two years ago; go to the Radio Derb transcripts on my website and look for the one dated April 27th 2018.

Suffice it to say here that Lawrence was a young black man who was stabbed to death by some white teenagers in London, April 22nd, 1993. He has subsequently been elevated to what can only, with a nod to Prof. McWhorter, fairly be described as sainthood.

Nobody knows who killed Lawrence, but some low-life teenage males of the neighborhood were arrested, charged, and tried. The evidence wasn't strong enough to convict them, though.

Some years later the far-left, anti-white Labour party was voted into power under the unspeakably loathsome Tony Blair … excuse me, I had to go spit there.

The Blairites reopened the whole case and turned the British constitution—yes, there is one—they turned it upside down to re-try the teens, repealing the principle of double jeopardy and a good deal besides. Ancient English rights to freedom of speech and assembly were cast by the wayside.

There were endless official inquiries and reports. That word "endless" was literally the case when I made my 2018 report: an investigation was still going on, 25 years after the crime! Probably it still is, I don't know. An enormous, and extremely ugly building was erected in London and named the Stephen Lawrence Centre. Lawrence's mother, a lady of no distinction whatsoever, was raised to the House of Lords, the upper chamber of Britain's national legislature.

And at a hushed, reverent memorial service on the 25th anniversary of the murder, Britain's then-Prime Ministerette, the vapid and worthless Theresa May, told a hushed conregation of all the highest in the land, that April 22nd would henceforth be Stephen Lawrence Day.

So should you find yourself in Britain on Wednesday, be sure to visit the Stephen Lawrence Center and pay proper respects to the holy blissful martyr Stephen Lawrence, peace be upon him. Don't forget to take your prayer shawl and some suitable offerings—anything white will do.

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