Laura Ingraham Attacked AGAIN For Retweeting, Deletes Retweet, But At Least Doesn't Grovel This Time
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In 2018, Laura Ingraham tweeted a link to James Kirkpatrick's Jeb Bush Denounces Americans Who Don't Want To Be "Changed" By Mass Immigration.

She was immediately attacked, and forced to apologize and delete the link. When I say she was forced to apologize, I don't think she needed to thank the people who attacked her. That's Rich-Lowry-level grovelling.


Media Matters has just attacked Ingraham again for a retweet of the version of Michelle Malkin's syndicated column Notes on the Coming Meat Shortage.


Laura Ingraham retweets article from white nationalist group VDare blaming immigrant workers for coronavirus hotspots

Article ties “great replacement” conspiracy theory to COVID-19 outbreaks at meatpacking plants

Written by Eric Kleefeld, 05/01/20 11:48 AM EDT

It's pointless for me to answer all of Media Matters's lies about us, but it's just stupid to say that the "Great Replacement" is a "conspiracy theory" in regard to meatpacking plants. Meatpackers have for the last half-century been replacing American labor with imported Mexican labor, and when the Mexicans suffered immigration enforcement because they were illegal, they replaced them with legal immigrant refugees from Somali, BurmaSyria, Iraq, and Sudan.

Somali, Burma, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and Mexico all have one thing in common—they're Third World countries where many of the inhabitants haven't been taught about the Germ Theory of disease, and may refuse to believe it, or act on it when they're told.

But that's no defense as far as the crazed haters at Media Matters are concerned. Remember that they hate all normal Americans, all Americans who want any kind of immigration enforcement, all Americans who believe things they don't believe.

They hated George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush (really!). There is no amount of surrender and cuckery that could stop them from hating Laura Ingraham. So she should ignore them. 

She should heed the wisdom of Ashley Rae Goldenberg:

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