While Millions Of Illegal Aliens Are Rushing The Border, ICE SVU Trolling The Internet For Sadists
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Illegal aliens released by the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty are killing and raping, fentanyl is flooding over the border, and what is ICE SVU pursuing? Fictional crimes. In this case, ICE SVU is advertising that it will provide women for sadists to abuse and arresting those who respond. One would think that there are enough real crimes for ICE SVU to investigate, such as Honduran drug dealers in San Francisco or Dominican fentanyl dealers operating out of day care centers in New York City. And instead of prosecuting real alien smugglers, ICE SVU pretends to be human traffickers for sadists. It was as if ICE SVU spent their time watching cheaply made movies about Eastern European murder dungeons.

Warning, San Francisco Bay Area degeneracy and hedonism ahead. San Francisco is, of course, known for its homosexual degeneracy, but there are also heterosexual degenerates. One only need to point at the murder of San Francisco tech giant Bob Lee, creator of Cash App, who was murdered because he was having a sadistic relationship with a woman in sex clubs (her immigrant or anchor baby brother killed Lee) [Cocaine And Ketamine Is Found In The System Of Murdered San Francisco Tech Exec Bob Lee, by Joel Rosenberg, Fortune, May 2, 2023].

And there are many heterosexual degenerates in the San Francisco Bay Area. The question is with all the sex and bondage public venues, much less the secret dungeons, why is ICE SVU creating a fake sex dungeon for San Franciscans who want to torture women as if they were in a Hollywood movie? Well, because the Hollywood movies are not reality and the only sex torture dungeons in America are used by consenting adults and are not filled with trafficked women used for torture and snuff films, as Hollywood likes to portray as common in the white nations of Central and Eastern Europe. Likely there are snuff and torture dungeons in the Third World, but not Texas, or even San Francisco.

ICE SVU Thinks This Goober Tortures Trafficking Victims


The man responded to a listing seeking an “experienced sadist” to “break” a young victim for sex work.

Ian Justin Ranney, 35, did not know it was part of a Dallas law enforcement sting operation when he answered the ad placed by an agent posing as a human trafficker.
Federal agents arrested him in November when he showed up to a North Texas warehouse with tools of torture. Ranney pleaded guilty in February to attempted kidnapping and possession of child pornography.

Senior Judge Terry Means sentenced him on Tuesday to 14 years in prison. He faced up to 20 years, Three other men who responded to similar ads and traveled to North Texas are serving multiple years in prison. The cases expose the harsh realities and violence of the human trafficking industry, which experts say thrives in the Dallas area.

Sadist Sommelier Gets 14 Years After Flying To Dallas To ‘Break’ Human Trafficking Victim, by Kevin Krause, Dallas Morning News, September 6, 2023

Interestingly, ICE SVU did not issue a press release on the case; usually ICE SVU likes to brag about such cases. But we did learn the obvious from the story, the ICE SVU agent was a woman. Likely too afraid to go undercover against the cartels, she caught the easy case. Make up a crime and offer that crime up on the internet to attract random perverts.

Annie Trojacek, a Homeland Security Investigations agent, said at Ranney’s detention hearing that Ranney responded to the ad last October. An undercover agent posing as the owner of an escort service described to Ranney the nature of the job, Trojacek said.

Disturbingly, while Ranney bragged about his “breaking” other victims, he was not charged for any human trafficking offenses or torturing women to death in a dungeon, but with possessing child pornography, which is no surprise as those perversions generally are closely connected, hedonism and child porn. Beware those San Francisco sommeliers and gourmets.

Federal agents arrested him in November when he showed up to a North Texas warehouse with tools of torture. Ranney pleaded guilty in February to attempted kidnapping and possession of child pornography.

I’m not certain how one can be charged with attempted kidnapping of a fictional person, but the long sentence was based on mandatory minimums for child pornography. But don’t claim that this case had anything to do with human trafficking. There was no victim, only a pervert with fantasies. Note again that Ranney bragged about breaking many women, but this obvious loser broke no one.

The real issue is that ICE SVU is off the reservation. ICE SVU is supposed to be enforcing immigration and customs laws, but instead it is the sex police. Child porn is a local responsibility and so is kidnapping, unless it crosses state lines, which is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responsibility, but there was no trafficking victim. The real victim in this case is the American people, who are being deprived of the protection of their government and paying for the collusion between the ICE SVU, alien smugglers flooding the border, and the Replacement of the Historic American Nation with hordes of non-white invaders.

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