UC Davis Immigrant Serial Killer: The Price Of The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Is Death
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The price of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty is death. Not just death to the historic American nation, but to individual Americans as well. The now soon-to-be-disappeared case of a serial killer in Davis, CA, has been revealed to be an illegal alien who was the beneficiary of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. The killer, Carlos Reales-Dominguez, entered the United States as an allegedly unaccompanied minor, was released from custody by the Obama Regime and the immigration charges dropped based on the Morton Memos, administrative direction from the Obama Regime to then ICE SVU Director John Morton.

Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Recipient And Serial Killer

DAVIS, Calif. — The man arrested after a series of stabbings in Davis is now on a detainer by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to an ICE official, Carlos Alejandro Reales-Dominguez is from El Salvador and entered the United States in April 2009. He crossed into the country near Galveston, Texas, as an unaccompanied minor.

Dominguez was transferred to a family member and his case was closed “administratively” in April 2012, according to ICE.

[Davis Stabbing Suspect Placed On ICE Detainer, by Lauren Walike, ABC 10, May 5, 2023]

This was the Obama policy of completing the smuggling cycle; illegal alien minors would come to the United States to join parents or other relatives in the United States, they would be arrested at the border, and the Obama Regime would pay for the airline flight for the illegal alien minor to join their family members already in the United States. This would happen even if the family already in the United States were themselves illegal aliens.

Now we know the cost, but this is not the first time that illegal aliens or beneficiaries of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty killed an American. It won’t be the last. Expect many more dead Americans due to the Obama and Biden regimes’ Administrative Amnesties.

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