More Fake Human Trafficking: Illegal Aliens In U.S. Mostly Paid To Come Here
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Real human trafficking, i.e.,  bringing unwilling or deceived aliens to the United States for peonage, slavery, or prostitution, is exceedingly rare. It does occur, mostly in the immigrant community itself, usually African or Muslim legal immigrants bringing personal servants held in peonage, indentured servitude, or slavery.

It is an offense so rare that such offenses are generally prosecuted, whereas most Federal crimes fall through the cracks. Major cases of legal aliens bringing in illegal aliens to work as slave labor do occur, but are also quite unusual.

However, most, if not all, aliens smuggled into the United States do so enthusiastically, actually looking for a smuggling agent and paying that agent to bring them into the United States. It is also true that it is common that aliens being smuggled into the United States are detained by smuggling groups, called coyotes, usually part of larger drug cartels, and told that their smuggling fees have been increased, and if the alien does not pay immediately, the smugglers hold the aliens until some friend or relative can pay the increase in smuggling fees. Sometimes groups of smuggled aliens are kidnapped by rival coyotes and held for ransom. However, these examples are few and far between.

Similarly, even aliens smuggled in or who fraudulently enter the United States with Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) with the intent to engage in prostitution, are not cases of human trafficking, nor victims of any kind. They also do so voluntarily and with intent. Illegal alien prostitutes are still criminals, both for being illegal aliens and for being prostitutes. Sadly, much of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) internal enforcement is operating under the myth of widespread human trafficking of aliens for prostitution and other forced labor, despite the facts showing that the overwhelming majority of aliens involved in prostitution are doing so voluntarily and knowingly. Under the strange moniker of Blue Campaign, DHS, mostly ICE SVU, searches out supposed victims of human trafficking, mostly prostitutes, and rewards them with green cards. Just part of the campaign to elect a new people through mass third world immigration, i.e., White Replacement.

Fake Human Trafficking Even Has Its Own Seal

And They Have Their Own Challenge Coin

But the lies of Blue Campaign are massive, accompanied by a huge propaganda apparatus that “trains” local police, UPS employees (are illegal aliens being packed into cardboard boxes and shipped across the world?), stewardesses, and others to look out for alleged victims and report them to DHS—not for ICE SVU to make arrests, but to give the illegal aliens green cards.

 It appears that every prostitution arrest from the smallest town to the big city becomes a case of human trafficking, deliberately contrived in the press and in DHS to further the lie about human trafficking, all to cover up the real culprit, which is widespread and massive alien smuggling by mostly Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO). The difference is that alien smuggling is a conspiracy between the smuggler and the smugglee, while human trafficking is akin to transporting slaves.

As if on cue, to counter the bad press at the border, the Lying Press is trumpeting every little raid by a local vice squad as evidence of human trafficking. Today we have little Lubbock, Texas, as the example of a local vice operation blown out of proportion in a fraudulent case of human trafficking.

Twenty-five individuals are behind bars following a central Lubbock prostitution operation conducted by the Lubbock Police Department’s Special Operations Division, the Texas Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security Investigations.

The operation was conducted over two days on May 12th and 13th, resulting in 18 felony arrests for solicitation of prostitution and seven arrests for misdemeanor prostitution.

Additional arrests were made for warrants, Delivery of Dangerous Drugs, Endangering a Child, and Evading Arrest.

25 Arrested, 6 Human Trafficking Victims Rescued In Lubbock, Texas Prostitution Sting, Breaking 911, May 17, 2022

Sounds like a typical day for Lubbock Vice cops, a bunch of sad sacks trying to pick up street walkers get busted, then blamed for human trafficking. But the Deep State and the Lügenpresse just have to shoehorn their agenda into a routine day for vice cops in a small Texas town. And, of course, ICE SVU got in on the action, because they have nothing to do while 2 million illegal aliens flood the border.

Six additional females were contacted during this operation and identified as possible victims of human trafficking. They are not included in the list below.

Because it is not news unless the Lying Press is, well, lying about something. In this case all we have are six women contacted and presumed by the cops to be “victims” of human trafficking, which likely means they are illegal aliens, though they could also just be teenage runaways, the usual source for street prostitution.

The press and government are lying to you about human trafficking. It is nothing more than alien smuggling approved by the government.


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