[TRANSCRIPT] “Infinite Immigration Forever: How to Build a Revolution-Proof World”—Harrison Smith’s Speech To The 2024 VDARE.com Conference
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Earlier: Peter Brimelow Interviewed By Harrison Smith On Letitia James’s Attack On VDARE.com. 

VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow: Harrison Smith is a great hero. He’s one of the panoply of broadcasters that live under the aegis of Alex Jones at Infowars. We were going to have another one of them here, Owen Shroyer, who was actually jailed for risible reasons to do with the January 6th hoax. But at the last moment, his parole officer or probation officer, whatever it is, announced he couldn’t leave Texas. So that’s why he’s not here tonight. And Harrison is going to fill in for him. We’re really grateful.

Harrison Smith:

(audience applauding)—Yes, I’m the Infowars runner up, if you will.

No, but yeah, just to explain what happened with Owen. He, well, it’s a long story.

We don’t really need to get into it right now, but if you are interested in the way that the law  is being manipulated to silence people right now, Owen Schroyer’s case is a very, very good example, the way they will twist any law they can in order to imprison their enemies, of which Infowars is certainly a primary one.

And of course, Alex Jones would probably be in prison right now if it weren’t for his foresight in seeing what was happening on January 6th and being able to actually get up with a bullhorn and tell people not to go into the Capitol.

Probably the only reason that he’s not in jail and that I still have a job, so that’s very nice.

But I have a speech I like to call Infinite Immigration Forever, How to Build a Revolution-Proof World.

And of course, I want to thank VDARE.com for hosting me.

It’s an absolute honor to be asked to speak.

I was only asked a few days ago, so I cobbled together a speech.

It might be a little disjointed, but hopefully the point comes across because it is an important one.

And yes, I’m a host at Infowars, and of course, we confront the globalist conspiracy that is devouring the world on a daily basis.

And these days, that means we’re spread a little bit thin from censorship to foreign wars, to trans kids, to immigration to the ongoing fallout of the binary weapons system of the lab-created virus and the gene-altering poisonous so-called vaccine.

The attacks against humanity are numerous and omnidirectional.

We simply can’t cover all of these things with the attention that they deserve, which is why we rely on publications like VDARE.com to focus on particular issues like immigration.

And of course, the overall theme of this conference is that immigration is sort of the key issue, the superlative issue, the one that rises above all the others, and frankly, I agree with that assessment.

Why that is the case goes to the very heart of the globalist, anti-human, anti-white, anti-Christ agenda.

The best way to understand this is actually to work backwards.

In other words, to look at what the ultimate goal is of the enemies of, what are the enemies of freedom trying to achieve and how are they achieving it?

What do they ultimately want and how are they trying to get it?

Well, what they ultimately want is a One-World government unelected, technocratic bureaucrats that importantly will rule forever.

It all comes down to control.

It’s not about money, it’s not about fame or prestige, it’s about power, the power to control others. To quote the great Aldous Huxley, “you can do everything with bayonets except sit on them”—

If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled.

And this they will do, partly by drugs, partly by these new techniques of propaganda.

They will do it by bypassing the sort of rational side of man, and appealing to his subconscious, and his deeper emotions, making him actually love his slavery.

I mean I think this is the danger that actually people may be in some ways, happy, under the new regime.

But they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy.

Aldous Huxley Interview by Mike Wallace on May 18, 1958, from the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin

Huxley called this the final revolution, the revolution of human organization beyond which further revolution will be impossible.

You can see how this bears out in comparing the globalist treatment between the West and other countries.

Why are the Chinese given a free pass?

Why is it that the most pollution-heavy country is not subject to climate change demands?

Why is the fastest-rising power in the world not subject to demands to take in immigrants?

The answer is simple. They’re already controlled. They’re not revolting against anybody.

From social credit score to constant surveillance and brutal repression of dissent, they have established a system that snuffs out revolutionary impulses in their nascent phase.

Barring some unforeseen natural cataclysm, China is fully immunized against the desire for freedom in its own people.

So they’re spared from the suicidal demands of the globalist.

Just to give you a taste of how thoroughly China is protected from things like immigration, I’d like to read from the Wikipedia article titled "Immigration to China." Not sure if everybody knows that China doesn’t have a lot of immigrants.

Do you know how few they actually have?

This is what it says.

Immigration to the People’s Republic of China is the international movement of non-Chinese nationals in order to reside permanently in the country.

In the late 70s, roughly 300,000 ethnic Chinese immigrants came from Vietnam to China

And that’s pretty much it.

That’s it.

That is the story of immigration into China.

In 2016, China issued just 1,500 permanent residency cards.

This was more than double what they’d issued the previous year, but still roughly 750 times lower than the United States’ 1.2 million at the time.

You see, China’s under control, so they get to have a culture and prosperity and permanence.

The West alone still harbors the impulse for radical change and the ability to implement it.

And so it must be destroyed.

It’s really not that complicated.

If you’re at war with various enemies, you focus on the enemies with the weapons and the spirit to destroy you.

You systematically eliminate their defenses and grind down their morale.

The globalists are at war with humanity, and to them, frankly, white people are the greatest threat.

Is this a genetic thing?

Well, the people in power certainly seem to think so.

They openly demand the destruction of whiteness, and when asked to define whiteness, they list a series of European virtues: self-sufficiency, free speech, hard work, the nuclear family, you know, all of the wonderful things that make life worth living.

These concepts have been forged over millennia by the European character.

And if you don’t agree with me, if you think that’s racist or something, it doesn’t really matter.

I’m not the one saying it.

They are, and they’re using it as an excuse for racial domination.

While they’re increasingly bold in their open racism against white people, they still cloak their attacks in the disguise of humanitarianism or pragmatism, and this, of course, crumbles under the barest investigation.

So let’s examine that by reading a few headlines, which is what I do, just reading Main Stream Media headlines, and it’s all spelled out there for you.

So first, lay the groundwork, an entry from the Wikipedia for Ireland.

“As of 2022, the population of the entire island is just over seven million, with 5.1 million living in the Republic of Ireland,” and then from the Independent, an Irish newspaper, Ireland needs four million migrants to sustain state pension system [by Charlie Weston, January 19, 2021].

Okay, so a nation of five million apparently needs four million migrants to fund the pension program.

Of course, in respect to the question, does the economy exist to serve the people, or do the people exist for the sake of the economy?

Are you really going to replace four fifths of your population just so the Ponzi scheme doesn’t collapse?

And the answer is, of course they will.

But of course, Ireland is not the first country to attempt to take this absurd path, so how’d that work out for other places that have tried it?

Let’s take a look at Germany.

From the European Conservative: Germany: Nearly 900,000 Migrants From 2015/16 Still Live on Social Welfare [by Robert Semonsen, May 31, 2022]:

Of the some 1.8 million asylum seekers who arrived during the first two years of the crisis, only 460,000 are employed, including, according to the Federal Employment Agency’s figures.

Half of those who are working are employed in Germany’s unskilled labor sector, with many still receiving social benefits as a result of their low income.

Fast forward to today, and from the German newspaper, DW, Germany debates raising retirement age to 70 [by Helen Whittle and Lisa Hänel, August 28, 2022].

So has anybody else been confused by the logic here?

You bring in millions of migrants so that they can contribute to your pension funds, they all go on welfare, and suddenly you can’t retire until you’re 70.

Maybe there’s an ulterior motive here.

I don't want to be called a crazy conspiracy theorist, but if the plan being implemented has the direct opposite outcome of the stated purpose, but they keep doing it anyway, maybe something else is going on.

I find that we could all use a lesson from my son.

He’s three years old, and he’s in a phase where he freaking loves asking the question, why, why?

So let’s do that, shall we?

Illegal immigrants are allowed in by the millions, why?

Because they claim to be refugees, why?

Because the UN and various NGOs instruct them to, why?

Because they’re trying to flood our countries with foreigners, why?

Because they hate white people, why?

Because white people have a heritage of resistance to tyranny.

It’s not actually that complicated.

And you might think that this series, this crisis of immigration we’re going through right now can go on forever, after all.

There’s literally billions of people in the Third World, so will we just continue to import them?

Will our system continue to be overwhelmed until it collapses when the movement from the Third World to the First becomes pointless because we’ve reached some form of equilibrium?

Maybe, but actually, when I think about the forces confronting the West today, I see an even more sinister plan in the works.

The West’s most horrific replacement, our once-Christian moral culture has been wholly reformed into the deracinated, bastardized, plastic, soulless, homogenized monoculture of self-worship and materialism.

So what happens when a contingent of migrants is absorbed into our country?

They are immediately and continuously bombarded with the Leftist propaganda that we all experience.

Knowing that license and lasciviousness will always have a greater appeal than virtue and tradition, especially to young people, we can expect these migrants to only last a few generations to be able to adopt transgenderism or some other form of suicidal Leftism.

They will then in turn be replaced by the next wave of migrants.

What if that is the ultimate plan?

A continuous laundry cycle of humanity.

The First World will continue to produce excess food and material goods, which will be shipped to the Third World to keep their populations growing.

And as they move into the First World, their birth rates will drop and they’ll die out, making room for the next batch of imports.

In this way, no group will ever obtain a step to pose a threat to the system.

No one group will ever achieve the critical mass necessary to overthrow their rulers.

Infinite immigration forever—it is the perfect model for a revolution-proof world.

Now whether you think that’s the case or whether you simply don’t want immigration because you actually like speaking the same language as your neighbors, we are confronted with another frustration in all of this and that is our absolute inability to solve a problem that is imminently solvable.

We can do another little act out here.

This is what it would take to solve the immigration crisis.

“Can I come into your country?”


(audience laughing) That’s some good.

(audience applauding) I know.

Hold on, it gets a little more difficult.

“But I really want to.”

“Okay, no still.”

“But I’m a refugee….”

“No, you’re not.”

And that’s it, that’s literally all it takes.

This is problem solved.

(audience applauding) That’s pretty much literally it.

So that’s it, I mean solving this problem is literally as simple as being mean to, just a little bit, not even that mean, just like kind of a little bit rude to people who are actively trying to destroy you.

And it’s a bummer because I guess that means we have to give up some of the things that our countries do that are uniquely kind.

I like that we as a nation provide safe harbor for dissidents fleeing oppression. That’s a beautiful thing, but we can’t do it anymore.

We just can’t.

Not because we don’t want to, but because our kindness is being taken advantage of and it just has to stop.

So what we want at the end of the day is not revolutionary in terms of, it’s not something brand new, it’s not a new ideology that we’re trying to spread to people.

It’s just a basic understanding that humanity has had forever.

It’s basic survival, pride in our history. Every other race, every other nationality still preserves this, but somehow it seems everyone around us has been convinced to give this up.

Now if any other race was subjected to the threats and destruction that those of European heritage are facing, I would deplore it and fight against it for the sake of our shared humanity, but we are not afforded that courtesy.

Our enemies are not other races, other religions, it’s the mind virus infecting ourselves as Americans or Westerners.

And yet I believe somewhere, deep in our disoriented collective psyche, lies that impulse of life, that little voice that cries out in rage and yearns for glory and triumph and strength and honor.

In a way, I almost feel bad for our enemies.

And we really should feel good about the fact that everybody who’s here has actually stood up for something in their lives.

Because I can’t imagine being them, I can’t imagine having beliefs that are transient, convictions that are fleeting, a worldview as shallow as it is foreign.

Our enemies will never understand what it’s like to tell the truth when the whole world wants you to believe a lie.

They’ll never know the depths of feeling that come with upholding a conviction passed through uncounted generations.

They’ll never feel the thrill of spirit that shivers up your spine when you know that the eyes of long dead ancestors are smiling on you.

They’ve traded—(audience applauding)—they’ve traded their immortal soul for a pat on the head by people who despise them.

They’ve ejected themselves from the current flow of history like a beached whale dying, bleached in the sunlight of modernity.

Our philosophy is not new, it is ancient and unchanging.

It can be found as far back as human history goes in the epic of the Trojan Wars and the wisdom of Jesus Christ in the chivalric tales of the Middle Ages and of course in the hallowed lives of our Revolutionary forefathers.

It’s an eternal fire bringing light to the darkness, diminished now to embers.

I genuinely think it awaits the kindling to flame.

Thank you.

Harrison H. Smith [Tweet him] is the host of American Journal on Infowars.

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