DHS Still Pushing Fake "Human Trafficking" Arrests, With Continued Amnesty For Illegal Alien Prostitutes
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The lies about human trafficking, sometimes called sex trafficking, the widespread commercial transportation of mostly adult women, but teenagers and some children as well, for prostitution, is back in the news. And it is part of the ongoing amnesty for illegal alien prostitutes. This time, ICE SVU did not even get a mention, other than a vague reference to some unidentified ”federal” participation in a series of arrests in California, over 300, but the lies are only discovered in the details and with assistance of a writer with experience in the area of the reality, alien smuggling.

The official line is that teenagers and children are being kidnapped and forced into prostitution, as in the Liam Neeson movie Taken, with them being victims rather than criminals. The reality is something else entirely, which that is prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and in civilized countries it is illegal and the perpetrators, whether those are the mostly women prostitutes or the managers, mostly men, the pimps, should both be punished for the good of society.

A statewide multi-agency task force targeting human trafficking resulted in the arrests of 368 people...

Numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies were involved in the effort, including the LAPD, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

“The victims’ ages in this operation were found to be between 13 and 52 years of age, with six of them being juveniles…”[

[368 Arrested In Southern California Task Force’s Human Trafficking Sweep, Orange County Register, February 1, 2023]

The Lying Press admitted. though, that most of the arrests were women in their 20s. Which should be no surprise. Exchanging sex for money is a young woman’s game.

The average age of most victims was in their mid-20s, and our investigators worked diligently alongside our victim advocacy groups in providing these victims with services and resources to help them escape from this life-threatening environment.

No evidence, though, of actual trafficking, the basis for the green cards for prostitutes’ amnesty, one that is not just a Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, but one going back to the Clinton Administration. and the infamous T Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) and U NIV.

Now, while no Federal agency has been mentioned by name in this article, likely there is an agreement between local agencies and ICE SVU to downplay any involvement by ICE SVU and the press is in on it, nor was there any mention of any aliens involved, so ICE SVU is likely in the background giving out green cards to any random illegal alien involved, or just going through the motions to claim arrests states, which is what ICE SVU does now.

Diving into the arrest statistics told the real story: This was a typical Vice Squad operation. Of 368 arrests statewide, only 50 were felonies, and of those felonies, only 34 were for the statute that covers both trafficking as well as pimping and pandering. The overwhelming number of arrests were of prostitutes, 113, and johns, 195.

There were no Federal arrests for human trafficking, just the lies of human trafficking, a term that was created by ICE SVU to gin up work for themselves so they don’t have to arrest illegal aliens.

And, for all the noise about women being victims in prostitution, the reality that it is a career choice that they maintain even after receiving assistance in getting out of the business.

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