WSJ Asks ”Drunken-Driving Deaths Are Up. Why Are DUI Arrests Down?” But If They Knew The Answer, They'd Get Cancelled
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Earlier (April 2022): Traffic Stops Are Bad Because They Discourage Black Criminals From Carrying Guns, Driving Badly, And Dealing Drugs

From the Wall Street Journal:

Drunken-Driving Deaths Are Up. Why Are DUI Arrests Down?

About 13,500 people died in alcohol-impairment crashes in 2022, but DUI arrests in recent years have sunk to multidecade lows

By Scott Calvert
May 2, 2024 10:00 am ET

I dunno, but I recall there was a certain amount of talk in the news media in 2020-2022 about a “racial reckoning,” “George Floyd,” and “Black Lives Matter.” Does that ring a bell? I haven’t heard about them in a long time, but I can distinctly recall seeing those terms in the headlines back then? I vaguely recall that there was a certain amount of discussion in 2020 about how cops were pulling over too many bad drivers and that it was the Most Important Moral Mission of the 21st Century to force the cops to to not hassle black drivers so much.

As I said last night at Sovereign House: I figured out in 2021 the secret behind Deaths of Exuberance during the Great Awokening: when BLM is riding high during the 2015-2016 Ferguson Effect and during the 2020-202? Floyd Effect, when the cops pull back, both homicides and traffic fatalities go up because, with reduced fear of being pulled over, lots of people drive worse and some people pack illegal handguns more.

Unfortunately, nobody else in the media has made that key point, in part because they face a dilemma: either the journalist or professor credits me for discovering it on June 8, 2021 [The Racial Reckoning on the Roads,] and gets cancelled as a Crime Reader who reads Steve Sailer; or they don’t credit me, my fans go berserk and denounce them, and perhaps they get cancelled as a Crime Reader who reads Steve Sailer.

It’s like a Twilight Zone conundrum.

Look, I don’t care about credit. This discovery is too important to remain veiled in ignorance for 35 months now.

Please, steal my idea and don’t credit me.

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