SOTU Guests: Will Trump Force MSM To FINALLY Report Nevada Illegal Alien Quadruple Murder?
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00000Debra-Bissell-Heather-Armstrong-Madison-ArmstrongPresident Trump has invited surviving relatives of two murder victims to his State of the Union address tonight, according to the White House blog:

Gerald and Sharon David of Reno, Nevada, were tragically murdered in their home in Nevada by an illegal immigrant in January 2019. The terrible loss has devastated both their community and three generations of their family who will be represented at the State of the Union: the Davids’ daughter Debra, granddaughter Heather, and great-granddaughter Madison. [Right, Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong]

Will this finally force the Main Stream Media to Notice this atrocity (which actually involved four victims)? Its virtually complete suppression, despite the nationwide uproar over Trump’s efforts to  force the Democrats to fund a border wall, is a particularly outrageous example of Narrative management by our Cultural Marxist elite.

During the kerfuffle over the Washington Mall smirk by white teenager Nick Sandmann, I noted (as above, that coverage of the smile seen round the world was already eleven times that of this quadruple murder of four whites by an illegal alien named Wilber Martinez-Guzman—who, as Steve Sailer said, looks “like Peter Lorre playing a serial killer in M”. [Wilbur Martinez- Guzman held in connection to Reno, Douglas murders; neighbors relieved, by Siobhan McAndrew, Marcella Corona, Benjamin Spillman and Anjeanette Damon, Reno Gazette Journal, Jan. 20, 2019]

Martinez-Guzman, an El Salvadorian who entered the U.S. illegally, killed four white Americans in three separate incidents:

Investigators say Martinez-Guzman killed Connie Koontz, 56, and Sophia Renken, 74, in Gardnerville. They also say he is responsible for the deaths of Jerry David, 81, and his wife Sherri, 80, in south Reno.

 [ICE: Man Linked to Four Killings Was From El Salvador,  by Paul Nelson, KTVN, January 21st, 2019]

This story got only local coverage—and is still only getting local coverage, with the exception of coverage (as in the NYT below) of the fact that people like us (and the President of the United States) are have Noticed it.

Trump Tweeted about it on January 21:

That finally produced a grudging New York Times story, Arrest of Immigrant Suspected in 4 Nevada Killings Draws Trump’s Attention, by Matt Stevens, Emily S. Rueb and Elisha Brown, January 22, 2019.

(The New York Times’ related stories feature at the bottom of the page included Man Charged With Murder in Killing of California Police Officer, January 2, 2019 and Killing of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa Inflames Immigration Debate, August 22, 2018. Those are related stories—both Ronil Singh (the “California police officer”) and Mollie Tibbetts were killed by illegals—but how are readers scanning the headlines supposed to know?)

To give you an idea of how much you’re supposed to be protected from knowledge of four murders by an illegal: answered the question Was an Elderly Nevada Couple Shot Dead by an Undocumented Immigrant? with “Unproven” on January 24—on the grounds that Martinez-Guzman “been charged with murder and had not yet issued a plea in response to charges of burglary, possession of stolen property, and several weapons offences. No trial on any charges had begun.”

If you’ll believe that, you’ll believe O. J. Simpson’s wife died of natural causes.

But here are some facts, from local Nevada reportage:

Martinez-Guzman worked as landscaper

Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman worked as a landscaper for Jerry and Sherri David from April 2018 to July 2018, according to court documents. Detectives were informed that a person named "Ernesto" worked for the couple 10 to 14 times.

There was nothing in the court documents filed Monday to suggest Connie Koontz or Sophia Renken knew Martinez-Guzman, including if he worked for either as a landscaper.  …

Arrest warrant: Martinez-Guzman admitted to all 4 murders

Wilber Martinez-Guzman admitted to murdering four people in South Reno and Gardnervile using a handgun stolen from one of the homes, according to an arrest warrant filed in Reno Justice Court Monday morning.

The warrant, filed jointly by the district attorneys of Washoe and Douglas counties, states that the 19-year-old murdered Connie Koontz and Sophia Renken in the Gardnerville Ranchos homes using a revolver he stole from a trailer on the property of Jerry and Sherri David in South Reno.

He then used the same revolver to murder the Davids, according to the warrant.

UPDATE: Martinez-Guzman worked for south Reno couple as landscaper last year, filing says, by Sam Gross, Marcella Corona and Siobhan McAndrew, Reno Gazette Journal, January 28, 2019

Snopes may now consider the NV case “Proven.” (They haven't updated, and aren't likely to.)

It’s actually not that unusual for illegal aliens who work in and around people’s houses to rob, rape, and murder their employers. Cases include:

That’s one reason why illegal immigration is bad—because it brings in that kind of person. H-1Bs and other legal immigrants are less likely to kill.

Despite President Trump’s inviting survivors to SOTU, there’s still no national MSM coverage of the killings. When there is, it will be Hate coverage of Trump.

In September 2016, Steve Sailer blogged on Josh Marshall Vs. The Angel Moms: "Trump's Blood Libel", contrasting Marshall’s objections to Trump’s highlighting the “Angel Moms”—mothers of people killed by illegal aliens—and Hillary’s attacks on white cops, highlighting the “Mothers of the Movement”.

Marshall, after trying to claim that illegals didn’t commit that much crime (the usual bogus statistics) went on to accuse of Trump of “blood libel” against illegal aliens:

There is a legitimate public policy question about how aggressive we should be in deporting those who our laws say should not be in the country in the first place. But the fact that some of them commit crimes is not relevant to the discussion. This is simply a way of whipping up irrational fear and hatred. Though I wouldn’t use the word ‘demonize’, one could fairly argue that groups like MADD spent decades demonizing drunk drivers. But of course this is demonizing a specific activity which has caused thousands of deaths. The action itself is the cause of death and suffering. There is no comparable argument to be made about immigration status. It is simply blood libel and incitement.

Trump’s Blood Libel & Press Failure, TalkingPointsMemo, September 2, 2016

Well, we have had a lot of “blood libel and incitement” against white police officers, leading to riots and murders, and even more blood libel and incitement against Trump, leading to #resistance, rioting, assaults, assassination attempts and plots. But in fact the case that illegal immigrants commit a lot of crime is pretty solid.

So let’s summarize: the Main Stream Media insists that:

But when an illegal immigrant commits a quadruple murder it’s either “Man Arrested” or it’s a story about the story—about Deplorable people like us, and Donald Trump. who insist on Noticing.


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