Patton Oswalt: "Political Correctness Is A War On Noticing."
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From the Twitter feed of stand-up comic and actor Patton Oswalt (who should have a received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Young Adult):


[Many more censorious tweets]


From the 2005 movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo:

Deuce Bigalow [Rob Schneider]: T.J., I'm so glad you are here. 
T.J. Hicks [Eddie Griffin]: How did you find me? 
Deuce Bigalow: Well, this seemed like the only chicken and waffles place in all of Holland. 
T.J. Hicks: Ohhh, so the black guy has to go to a chicken and waffles place, that's Racist! 
Deuce Bigalow: But you're here. 
T.J. Hicks: Yeah, but figuring it out was racist.
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