NYT On Jussie Smollett: Homophobic Racist Trump Supporters Try to Lynch Gay Black TV Star In Downtown Chicago
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From the New York Times:

Jussie Smollett, Star of ‘Empire,’ Attacked in What Police Call a Possible Hate Crime

By Sopan Deb, Jan. 29, 2019

Jussie Smollett, one of the stars of the Fox television show “Empire,” was attacked in Chicago early Tuesday morning by two people who yelled racial and homophobic slurs and wrapped a rope around his neck, according to the police, who said they were investigating the incident as “a possible hate crime.”

Smollett, who is black and publicly came out as gay in 2015, was walking on a downtown street when two people approached him and yelled the slurs, according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department. The attackers then began hitting Smollett in the face and poured an “unknown chemical substance” on him.

One of the attackers also wrapped a rope around Smollett’s neck before the duo fled.

“Given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime,” the police statement said. …

In a follow-up interview later in the morning, The Sun-Times reported, Smollett told the police that the attackers yelled “this is MAGA country,” a reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan.

The newspaper also reported that the F.B.I. was looking into a letter sent to Fox offices in Chicago last week that contained threatening language toward Smollett and a white powdery substance.

You know, it could have happened.

It didn’t get really cold in Chicago until about 6 am on Tuesday. It was a balmy 6 degrees in Chicago at 2 am, perfect weather for the marauding gangs of Trump voters who routinely roam the Loop hoping to recognize black gay actors from their favorite hip-hop soap operas to lynch.

Seriously, this one is so absurd-sounding … that I’m wondering if it might not be true. Perhaps this will be the one where everybody sensible finally begins to use the term “hate hoax” and then, voila, two white fraternity boys from Lake Forest in MAGA caps are arrested and confess that Smollett’s tale is the exact truth. And then the events become as famous as Emmett Till and 65 years from now we will be hearing about it over and over.

Remember, fools rush in …

Speaking of fools rushing in, leading Democrats stampeded to announce their complete confidence in the details of Smollett’s story.

Senator Kamasutra Harris’s Manchurian Candidate brainwashing clicked in as she tweeted:

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/status/1090439686504570885: Sorry, that page does not exist

You know, potential Presidential candidates, it’s not all that difficult to phrase a tweet to express concern and condolences and a burning desire for law enforcement to get to the bottom of this, without publicly committing yourself as a True Believer. In the above examples, Elizabeth Warren probably came closest to maintaining some dignity if this turns out to be another Hate Hoax.

So far, Beto O’Rourke hasn’t tweeted about Smollett but has tweeted in support of the five Houston cops who got hurt in a shootout with drug dealers:

Smollett’s Twitter account isn’t that interesting, other than he seems very busy promoting an album and music tour along with some charity work. But there was this:

And then there is this:

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