A Former LAPD Officer Wonders If Nicole Could Really Have Saved Herself From OJ If She Had A Gun
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item OJ And Gun Control

From: Former LAPD Officer [Email him]

I must disagree with James Fulford regarding the idea that, if Nicole was carrying a firearm, she  would have been a “wealthy widow."  Simpson stalked her and cut her throat immediately. She had no time to react.

Regarding Fulford’s statement that the police asked for Simpson’s autograph when they responded to her call, I don't  know where he’s getting this info. LAPD officers don't fawn over  celebrities to the point of asking for autographs. Moreover many—including me, who visited Simpson years before he took his wife out—knew it would happen and predicted so.

James Fulford writes: The thing about the autograph is fairly well known—it was mentioned by Andrea Peyser in an item I linked to, and feminists are always going on about it:

• 1989. The U.S. football star 0. J. Simpson faces charges of domestic violence and battery against his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The arresting cops ask for his autograph. The situation is smoothed over with an anger-management class. The Demon Lover: The Roots of TerrorismBy Robin Morgan, page xxix,

Also, police attended at his house several times on domestic violence calls without arresting him. Steve Sailer describes this here:

In reality, most cops loved OJ. Whenever the late Nicole Brown Simpson would call 911 to report that her husband was beating her, a couple of LAPD's finest would go around to the Brentwood house, and ... "Hey! You're OJ!" So, they'd wind up getting his autograph and some pictures taken with great man himself, and a grand old time was had by all. Except by the victim, but, while cute, she never rushed for 2003 yards in a season, did she? Did Leslie Nielsen ever slap her on the back, sending her wheelchair careening down the steps and off the grandstand at Dodger Stadium in "The Naked Gun?" I think not.

The only cop that took Nicole's 911 calls seriously was evil old Mark Fuhrman…

For a contemporary report of the friendliness between Simpson and the Brentwood police, see: Details Emerge of Close LAPD Ties to Simpson, By Ralph Frammolino And Jim Newton, LA Times, February 2, 1995.

The idea that Nicole couldn’t have defended herself is also wrong.

First, the first thing that the late Colonel Cooper (source of the quote "if Nicole Simpson had studied at [Cooper's pistol training school]  Gunsite she would now be a wealthy widow") taught people is not to be taken by surprise.

Second, if Nicole had been armed, she might have been able to defend herself in the earlier incidents in which Simpson attacked her:

Dispatcher: OK, you just want him to leave?

Nicole: My door. He broke the whole back door in.

Dispatcher: And then he left and he came back?

Nicole: He came and he practically knocked my upstairs door down but he pounded it and he screamed and hollered and I tried to get him out of the bedroom because the kids are sleeping in there.

Dispatcher: Um-hum. OK.

Nicole: He wanted somebody's phone number and I gave him my phone book or I put my phone book down to write down, the phone number that he wanted and he took my phone book with all my stuff in it.

Dispatcher: OK. So basically you guys have just been arguing? [911 Call, October 25, 1993]

If she’d shot him dead on that occasion, he wouldn’t have been able to kill her on June 12, 1994.

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