Illegal-Alien Child Labor Surges Because Of Biden Rush—And The Left’s Plot To Replace America
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Treason Lobby Republicans do nothing about the illegal-alien invasion (which, except for Mitch McConnell’s betrayal, could have been halted through the budget process). The invasion serves the Slave Power, whom the typical GOP legislators supports because they’re beholden to the Donor Class. Treason Lobby Democrats support the invasion because it will exterminate the Historic American Nation. These different interests meet at a consensus: Open Borders. Part of that deal: winking at illegal-alien child labor.

The latest manifestation of the Uniparty’s cheap-labor nation-wrecking program began with the Obama Children’s Jihad that broke the border. Of course, the Obama Regime’s embrace of the fraud of “unaccompanied children” was always really aimed at replacing white Americans. If those children worked illegally, the Regime did not care. And the meat packers and other child slavers are big donors. The Slave Power is nothing if not bipartisan.

Illegal-alien kids are now being pushed en masse into the workforce for three reasons:

Now, here’s where Biden’s border policies come in. Traitor Joe and his Homeland Security Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, the unindicted green-card fixer, invited the invasion the minute Biden took his presidential oath.

That is not to excuse the failings of the Trump Administration at the beginning of their own border crisis in 2018. But POTUS 45 had to deal with deliberate sabotage from the likes of Elaine Duke, John Kelly, Kevin McAleenan, and Kirstjen Nielsen.

Nevertheless, Biden’s border treason is the major feeder of illegal-alien child-labor. Treason Lobbyists encourage illegals to show up at the border, then the Biden Regime offers “parole” and Administrative Amnesty. End result: Often forced by their parents, the kids move directly and illegally into sometimes grueling and dangerous jobs.

Now to the case in point: Packers Sanitation Services Inc. [PSSI], which the federal Labor Department accused of “oppressive child labor” in November, and which recently paid a $1.5 million fine for employing “102 children—aged 13 to 17—in hazardous occupations and had them working overnight shifts at 13 meat processing facilities in eight states.”

In an unusually candid article, the Washington Post not only detailed the horrors of child labor with PSSI, but also inadvertently admitted that illegal aliens are not, in fact, fleeing “persecution”: 

At 13, she was too young to be cleaning a meatpacking plant in the heart of Nebraska cattle country, working the graveyard shift amid the brisket saws and the bone cutters. The cleaning company broke the law when it hired her and more than two dozen other teenagers in this gritty industrial town, federal officials said.

Since the U.S. Department of Labor raided the plant in October, Packers Sanitation Services, a contractor hired to clean the facility, has been fined for violating child labor laws. The girl, meanwhile, has watched her whole life unravel.

First, she lost the job that burned and blistered her skin but paid her $19 an hour. Then a county judge sent her stepfather to jail for driving her to work each night, a violation of state child labor laws. Her mother also faces jail time for securing the fake papers that got the child the job in the first place. And her parents are terrified of being sent back to Guatemala, the country they left several years ago in search of a better life.

[A Cleaning Company Illegally Employed A 13-Year-Old. Her Family Is Paying The Price, by Maria Sacchetti and Lauren Kaori Gurley, March 3, 2023]

Note that nothing in the tale of woe mentions asylum or persecution, but instead says the family was “in search of a better life.” So it’s a story about economic migrants, not persecuted foreigners, much less persecuted children. It’s a story about alien smuggling and paying off smuggling debts.

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And, of course, it’s about the Great Replacement in America.

The illegals in the WaPo story know they have no claim to asylum and avoid any involvement with the government:

None have applied for work permits and the protection against deportation that is available to the child workers, fearing retaliation in a company town where almost everyone’s job is somehow tied to the meatpacking industry.

Since the October raid, some of the children are nowhere to be found—dismissed from their jobs and no longer in school, according to two school employees. Migrant advocates said Labor Department officials raided the Grand Island plant with no plan for making sure all the children were safe and then declined to provide the children’s names to organizations that could have helped them.

Even the illegals know that the asylum system is a farce. Families already in the United States pay coyotes to smuggle their children across the border:

The girl arrived in 2021 from Joyabaj, a poverty-stricken municipality in the Guatemalan highlands. The girl and her older sister had been living with grandparents since 2016, when their mother left for Grand Island, where she works 3 p.m. to midnight as a JBS meat cutter. After five years, she paid smugglers to bring her daughters north.

Note that this girl arrived in 2021, almost certainly not before Traitor Joe took office on January 20, 2021 and promptly erased everything Trump did to secure the border.

The coyotes and their Treason Lobby allies know they can exploit the anti-trafficking laws. Because the laws protect “unaccompanied minors,” who are treated as victims of smuggling by alleged sex traffickers, any smuggled child is considered “unaccompanied” and a human- or sex-trafficking victim.

That gave the children and parents an opening. Just lie if arrested at the border—then once released, rely on Americans’ inevitable reluctance to arrest and deport a parent and child, even if illegally in the United States.

Even the children admit they lie about being victims. They work because they want to:

But the girl said she grew bored in Grand Island and last summer applied online for the job at Packers so she could buy nice clothes and an iPhone 13.

“I like money,” the girl said with a shy smile during a recent interview in the family’s sparsely furnished living room, which is dominated by a large shrine to Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe. “I like to buy things.”

The Slave Power knows it is hiring children. Employers openly accept obviously fraudulent documents. Anyone can tell the difference between a 14-year-old and a 22-year-old.

Managers who are hiring workers are responsible for scrutinizing applicants’ IDs, officials said, to make sure their faces match the photos and other identifying information.

Packers also uses software that asks applicants to confirm that they are over 18. Several applicants declined to answer that question, Labor officials said, causing the software to issue warnings that Packers disregarded.

While E-Verify is a tool, much more is needed, such as not punishing employers who make an extra effort to verify identity and work authorization. Attorney General Merrick Garland is prosecuting employers who take that extra step, so they have no choice. They must accept at face value any document an illegal presents. Being suspicious and rejecting a document will get you sued or arrested by Garland.

But in the end, WaPo’s purpose, and the Biden Regime’s reaction to the article, is not to close the border and stop pretending children smuggled by family members are trafficking victims, but to reward illegals who abuse their children in this unAmerican way:

Labor officials said they tried to help the child workers by referring them to the schools and to other federal agencies such as HHS. They also asked the Department of Homeland Security to consider work permits and protection from deportation for current and former Packers employees. (A DHS official said the department welcomes applications, but that, so far, none have been received.) 

Instead, the Regime rewards these illegals with T Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV), then with green cards after three years of continuously living here.

Illegals know these benefits await them at the border, and so the coyotes are also rewarded… with millions of new customers.

As U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen rightly said of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, the government conspires with the smugglers [The Obama Administration Aids and Abets Human Trafficking, by Hans Von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation, December 20, 2013].

It’s time to end the T-NIV Green-Card scam, and repeal or revoke the laws and regulations, such as the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act, that encourage illegals to smuggle their children into the United States.

One could say the widespread child labor is the law of unintended consequences.

But it’s really just another act in the Great Replacement conspiracy to dispossess and replace The Historic American Nation.

The blogger Federale (Email him) is a 4th generation Californian and a veteran of federal law enforcement, including service in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

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