Biden Regime Punishes UPS For Making Certain Its Employees Aren’t Illegal Aliens
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See, earlier (2003): Indiscriminate Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: Why Is It Illegal To Check For Illegals?

The Biden Regime has gone out of its way to punish United Parcel Service (UPS) for daring to ask an alien admitted for lawful permanent residence (LPR) for their green card. This is not about fixing some injustice, this is not about illegal immigration related employment discrimination, but about making it easier for illegal aliens to work illegally using fraudulent documents.

In this case an alien admitted for lawful permanent residence applied for and received an employment offer from UPS. The alien had a state-issued driver’s license and a Social Security Card (SSN) that was unrestricted. However, out of an abundance of caution, the UPS personnel officer asked the alien for DHS Form I-551, Alien Registration Receipt Card (ARC), commonly known as a green card, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Form I-151 or I-551, Alien Registration Receipt Card, that was once never green, but blueish originally. The misnomer “green card” came from a similar card issued by the INS to border crossers from Canada and Mexico, the Border Crossing Card, INS Form I-586, Border Crossing Card (BCC) for temporary visits which was green.

The Mexicans conflated the two different cards, or, more accurately, used the Form I-585 to come to the United States, then worked here illegally, so for Mexicans there was no difference between the two very much different cards, I-586 and I-151/I-551. The green card then became the colloquial term for the I-151/I-551, which later was issued in a number of different colors, mostly black printing on a white background at first, then a multiple color document during the spiraling fight with counterfeiters.

Yes, That John Lennon’s Green Card, Original Form I-151
The New More Secure Green Card
Not The Original BCC, But Slightly Green


Pre-Color Printing BCC
Yellow Version of the I-586 BCC

I could not find an image of the “green” version of the I-586, but it was essentially identical to John Lennon’s Form I-551, but in green and notated that it was for border crossing only.

But back to the Biden Regime and the completely unnecessary attack on UPS for asking to see a green card from a lawful permanent resident seeking employment.

The U.S. Justice Department has secured a settlement with United Parcel Service Inc to resolve immigration-related discrimination claims in a civil action against the package delivery company, the agency said on Monday.

“The settlement resolves the department’s claims that UPS violated the Immigration and Nationality Act when it discriminated against a non-U.S. citizen by requesting that he present additional documents to prove his permission to work after the worker had already provided sufficient proof,” the department said in a statement.

The Justice Department’s probe had determined that UPS discriminated against a newly hired lawful permanent resident in Jacksonville, Florida, by asking him for his permanent resident card and work visa to prove his legal authorization to work, even though he had already shown his driver’s license and unrestricted Social Security card, which were sufficient proof, it added.

[U.S. Settles With UPS To Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims, by Kanishka Singh, MSN, April 18, 2022]

Now, one must question why this anonymous applicant did not show his Form I-551. As an LPR, this young man was required by law to carry the Form I-551 with him at all times. Was he not in compliance with the law? And if he was in compliance with the law, why not just show it? Frankly, he seems to have been playing a game with UPS. Any normal person would have shown it. While technically the question from the UPS personnel officer was unlawful, an LPR can prove authorization for work with just a State ID and an unrestricted Social Security Card. He must have been a jerk—or was this perhaps a planned, contrived complaint? Could be, though the fact that this was a sole violation confuses things as the incident was this and therefore not of prosecutorial interest, but there had to be a reason that the Biden Regime Department of Justice (DOJ) decided, yet again, to take a case to court, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars for a de minimis violation. There must be more to this.

The likely motivation for the Biden DOJ is that they want to discourage employers from scrutinizing any document or set of documents presented by obvious aliens too closely. This is part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, encouraging employers to ignore possible document fraud in the hiring process.

You know that the next time a UPS official sees a possible fraudulent document, a mismatch on a document, or a suspicious document, there will be no inquiry beyond the letter of the law. The Biden Regime is using this case to send a message to employers: don’t pay any attention to the possibility of an illegal alien applying for employment. Any attention paid to weeding out illegal aliens will be met with the full force of the Biden DOJ. The Biden Regime intends to normalize the employment of illegal aliens with this case and cases like it.

This is not the first effort on this front by the Biden Regime.

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