DHS Chasing More Fake Human Trafficking Instead Of Prosecuting Illegal Alien Smugglers...And Their Customers
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In an ongoing Orwellian redefinition of language, the world’s second oldest profession, and those who organize the world’s oldest profession, have been redefined. What was once called prostitution and the accompanying pimping and pandering, is now human trafficking. Originally, human trafficking was defined as bringing an alien to the United States for the purpose of forced labor, slavery, or peonage.

While isolated cases of forced prostitution have occurred, those few incidents do not rise to any crisis or the need for billions in spending to “rescue” prostitutes from their chosen profession. It has devolved instead into a scam, where an alien enters the United States, often smuggled, which is called alien smuggling, for the purpose of engaging prostitution, i.e., being paid for performing sexual services, and rewarded with a green card.

The whole façade of the campaign against human trafficking, called Blue Campaign by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is that there is a massive, ongoing, and systematic illegal conspiracy among criminal organizations to bring mostly women to the United States to engage in prostitution and be held in bondage by those criminal organizations and madams and pimps for years, for some until they pay a smuggling debt.

Consequently, these women, Blue Campaign says, deserve not criminal prosecution for their crimes and deportation, but instead should be rewarded for paying a smuggler to bring them to the United States with Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) status, i.e., a Green Card. This is, of course, a serious problem for the advocates, as these alleged “victims” always admit that they are not kidnapped, enslaved or lied to about what they will be doing in the United States, but do so willingly and with full knowledge that they are coming to the United States to engage in prostitution, nor are they held in any sort of bondage. That part is just glossed over.

Any cooperation between the prostitute and her madam or pimp as well as other evidence that these women are not held under threat of violence or physically restrained is just ignored by ICE SVU and every illegal alien “rescued” from prostitution is treated like a victim of human trafficking, rather than a coconspirator.

Blue Campaign claims that women all over the world are at risk of being brought to the United States, and tens of thousands arrive in the United States, and even more throughout the world, to engage in prostitution. These prostitutes are identified as victims and are treated as such, while the reality is that the women who illegally enter the United States to engage in prostitution are not bound by anything other than a debt that they freely entered into and are working off as the cost of their agreement to be smuggled into the United States.

This is not some modern White Slavery problem, but a problem of alien smuggling, which is big business and funded by major criminal organizations and supported by left-wing advocacy groups for illegal aliens. I have written about this problem extensively, whether it is the lies about major sporting events causing human trafficking, sometimes called sex trafficking, or cooperation of ICE SVU with alien smugglers, madams, and pimps, raiding brothels only to reward the prostitutes with green cards.

Alien smuggling does exist. Sometimes it is to provide a willing supply of Chinese prostitutes; at other times alien smuggling is to bring cheap workers, but always it is to elect a new people. The few cases of actual alien smuggling for slavery or peonage are few and restricted to other immigrants. To disguise the fraud around Blue Campaign, there has to be a steady supply of victims and arrests to feed the ongoing scam. Almost every case in the press of arrests of human traffickers in the end is a farce. The arrests are of a few prostitutes, even fewer madams and pimps, and lots of customers, as if they had any knowledge of “human trafficking”; they were just there for sex.

And on cue we have another massive police campaign with almost 500 arrests, and it is the usual, a few “rescues” of women who will return their profession as soon as they are out of custody, a few pimps, and lots of customers. Even a few hundred mystery arrests.

Authorities on Tuesday announced the results of a statewide crackdown on human trafficking that resulted in nearly 500 arrests and more than 80 sex workers being helped.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva detailed the results of the weeklong campaign, dubbed Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, which involved dozens of agencies around California. Villanueva said 34 people suspected of trafficking or exploiting sex workers were arrested, along with 201 people who were allegedly caught trying to buy sex. He did not account for the remaining arrests. About six dozen adults and eight minors were “rescued,” the sheriff said.

[Nearly 500 Arrested In Statewide Human Trafficking Operation, by Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times, February 15, 2022]

Now, there is nothing in the article about ICE SVU, though I suspect they were involved, but in an agreement with California law enforcement, that was not mentioned.

The annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” was held last week and coincided with the run-up to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department…

Yet myths surrounding an alleged link between human trafficking and major sporting events like the Super Bowl abound. Academic studies and news reports have repeatedly shown that trafficking does not increase as the Super Bowl and other championships approach.

Law enforcement crackdowns during these events often lead to the arrests of local street-based sex workers instead.

[LA Human Trafficking Operation Rescues More Than 80 Victims, AP, February 15, 2022]

It is almost as if someone at AP reads my work. Perhaps, perhaps not, there are quite a few left-libertarians who don’t believe the sportsball connection with so-called human trafficking.

What needs to be done is that alien smuggling, a real crime, needs to be investigated and prosecuted. But don’t expect the Biden Regime or ICE SVU to take any action. They are too busy completing the smuggling cycle.


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