Hispanic Family Values? No, Hispanics Value (Monetize) Family
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Another report about about Hispanics and education:

Most Hispanic students value college but only half plan to go, study finds
by Melissa Tussing
Medill Reports
Dec 01, 2009
Latino students value a college education more than the average teen or twenty something. But less than half plan to go to college themselves, according to a Pew Hispanic Center study released in October. [More]

As discussed below, that means they put something else first, or their parents do.

The most prevalent reason, though, was financial. Seventy-four percent of Latino young adults who are not going to college said it was because they need to help support their families.
According to the Pew study, parents value a college education almost as much as their children. Seventy-seven percent of Latino youth said their parents thought a college education was the most important path after high school.

But sometimes the needs of the family come first, Barnas said.

"The Hispanic culture values family, making it difficult for them to let their children go away to school,” Barnas said. “In addition, for the first generation families, because of language barriers, the children are expected to act as English-language interpreters for the parents.”

When Mr. Bush kept telling us that "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande", I thought there was something fishy about it, and this is it.

It reminds me of a quote attributed to Sanford And Son:

FRED SANFORD: Didn't you learn anything being my son? Who do you think I'm doing this all for?
FRED: Yeah, you learned something

What we're talking about is reverse aspiration—instead of sacrificing to put their kids through college, Hispanic families, with no traditional of education, are sacrificing their kids for the sake of a teenager's wages.

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