You Mean Immigrants DON'T Want "A Better Life For Their Children"? Now You Tell Us!
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Brenda, below, quotes "Raza mouthpiece Brent Wilkes"to the effect that
“There’s no evidence whatsoever that perhaps the ability to have a child here that’s going to be a citizen influences immigration to the United States at all.”
Then that means that the half a million people on the Internet who used the words "a better life for their children" with reference to immigration were all lying. This is worrisome, because one of them was former President George W. Bush.
"Latinos come to the US to seek the same dreams that have inspired millions of others: they want a better life for their children. Family values do not stop at the Rio Grande. Latinos enrich our country with faith in God, a strong ethic of work, community & responsibility. We can all learn from the strength, solidarity, & values of Latinos. Immigration is not a problem to be solved, it is the sign of a successful nation. New Americans are to be welcomed as neighbors and not to be feared as strangers. " [Speech in Washington, D.C. June 26, 2000]
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