Hate Crime Hysteria Ignores The Real Victims—Americans
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Since the Obama administration has had little success in fixing the economy, it is using a diversionary tactic of crushing free speech—particularly against the stubborn majority of American citizens who want immigration to be legal, controlled and reduced.

The false accusations of racism against immigration patriots have gradually lost their intimidating effect. Even otherwise leftist bastions like San Francisco are sick of the chaos and crime spawned by foreign criminals allowed to run wild.

So now even bigger guns are being brought into the fray. The Treason Lobby wants to crush dissent especially against amnesty for tens of millions of lawbreaking foreigners, although unemployment is the worst in 25 years. (A June 20 LA Times headline just declared Immigration reform to get a quiet kickoff. Obamatrons may hope for a stealth amnesty done in the dark of night. )

One new weapon: the concept of "hate crimes"—a drive by left-wingers to further privilege their favorite protected classes, and dispossess the majority of Americans who still believe in equality under the law.

When the mugger of a gay Hispanic gets more jail time than a similar attacker against a white heterosexual, that basic legal principle has been violated.

"Hate Crimes" are thoughtcrimes writ large, straight from the pages of 1984.

Radical utopians are strangely consumed with the topic of hate, a sometimes regrettable but normal component of feelings. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center has its Hatewatch blog and La Raza has a spinoff titled "We can stop the hate" (in the immigration debate).

Other traditions have a more nuanced view—that negative feelings can be put to positive uses. Scripture recommends that we "hate evil" [Psalm 97:10] and "cleave to that which is good" [Romans 12:9].

The double standard on crime perps and victims is stunning—as recently noted by VDARE.COM Peter Brimelow (Holocaust Hullaballoo Reveals "Hate Crimes" Hypocrisy).

When the perp corresponds to the left's favored narrative of angry white male run amok—e.g. the shooter at the Holocaust Museum—the press shrieks loud and long in horror.

But when a "hate crime" is committed by a diverse person, Main Stream Media interest fades rapidly.

A classic example: the Brooklyn murder of Ecuadoran immigrant Jose Sucuzhanay, who had been walking home arm in arm with his brother, and may have appeared gay to the two men who beat him to death. This was a highly publicized case, with gay, Hispanic and immigrant groups expressing outrage. But news articles rarely mentioned that the attackers were black—and when the accused young men were arrested, mug shots were hard to find.

The leftists in power want a permanent Democrat majority. They think they can achieve using immigration (legal and illegal), periodic amnesties to create a grateful voting bloc, and repression of the resultant patriotic protest.

Thus a  June 17 Washington Post headline blared, Immigration Debate Tied to Rise in Hate Crimes, [By Spencer S. Hsu] quoting the usual suspects of the left who identify themselves as "civil rights leaders." Their trumpeted "report" is squishy, to say the least: Confronting the New Faces of Hate: Executive Summary.

In the nearly twenty years since the 1990 enactment of the Hate Crime Statistics Act (HCSA), the number of hate crimes reported has consistently ranged around 7,500 or more annually—that's nearly one every hour of every day.  However, the population of the United States has increased substantially since 1990, when the number was 248.7 million while today's Census estimate is well over 306 million. That means the incidence has decreased according to a more reasonable, per capita analysis.

Even CNN report from February 26, noted at the time in the VDARE.COM blog, $PLC Misrepresents "Hate" Crime, made the same point:

"KITTY PILGRIM: Now, we talked to the FBI today about the report. The FBI does not recognize the term 'hate group'. They told us they do not monitor individuals or groups of individuals based on what they think or they say, or because a group or individual espouses a cause. It's only when a line is crossed and when an act of violence is committed.

"Now, by that measure, hate crimes are going down. The FBI uses data collected by state and local law-enforcement agencies, and this is what we've found. In 1995, hate crimes totaled 7,974. In 2007, 12 years later, they totaled 7,624. That's a decline of 4 percent.

"Meanwhile, the U.S. population rose 16 percent in that period of time. So, hate crimes are definitely declining, according to the FBI. And it's interesting, Lou, what the Southern Poverty Law Center defines as a hate group. They say it's based on ideology. It's not based on action. If you're included in this group, it's not based on criminality or violence or future..." [CNN Transcript, Feb 26, 2009]

Meanwhile, unremarked by our elite, the body count of innocent Americans killed by immigrants continues to mount. Some of these crimes are reported locally only, a few make headlines nationwide, but there's never a national media alarm that the deaths were entirely preventable had Washington been doing its job of controlling the borders.

A quick look at the "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome" category in the blog gives a long list of killers, many motivated by "hate," who've taken American lives: 

This is in spite of the fact that most of these shooters were part of the Asian "model minority." Not quite so unexpected were shootings like these:

And of course many cases of "sudden jihad" by immigrants from the Religion of Peace:

There's an additional category we call "Immigrant Familicide," which consists of an immigrant snapping and killing as many members of their family as they can manage:

See a pattern here? As I analyzed in my April article, The Binghamton Massacre—Latest Case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, immigration is a huge stress multiplier for people who are already on the edge. The terrible economy has driven citizens to violence, and immigrants are not immune. In fact, many have more pressures, including inability to speak English adequately, unreasonable expectations of what they can achieve in this country and the overwhelming complexity of modern society.

Our 2007 tally of the Immigrant Mass Murder syndrome cost was "23 killers, about 238 dead, some 111 wounded. And counting." That was after Virginia Tech, (32 dead, 25 wounded) but before Jiverly Voong, (13 dead, 4 wounded) VDARE.COM's latest count: there have been at least another  15 incidents of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome since then, claiming more than 60  additional lives and an unknown, but large, number of wounded. That would put the total at over 300 lives lost to this underreported phenomenon.

It's enough to make one recall Enoch Powell's declaration: "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils."

Mass murder may be unpredictable—but is there is any more preventable evil than a serial offender illegal alien, particularly a drunk driver? One DUI arrest should bring an automatic one-way ticket to the dear homeland.

Such a policy would definitely save lives—but is it hate speech in the Obama kingdom to say that Hispanics drive drunk more commonly than Americans? Does the truth still count as a defense?

The open-borders speech police have a lot of blood on their hands.

A diverse paradise is not breaking out in America; quite the contrary. At a time when elites embrace transnationalism and regard the nation-state as the 8-track tape of political organization, Juan Sixpack remains attached to tribe above all. In the most multiculturated state, California, traditional Americans have been fleeing the place for years to escape the Mexifornia rot. Criminal gangs of every flavor have spread explosively throughout the country, though Mexican criminal organizations predominate in the drug trade.

The truth isn't pretty these days, and the Obama administration's desire to squelch the national discussion won't help. They should snap out of their delusions about how much social behavior can be shaped and accept the reality of the tribalism of human nature. It wouldn't hurt to include that fact in policy decisions, particularly regarding immigration.

Of course, to imagine such simple wisdom from the Obamatrons is a fantasy.

This will come to no happy ending.

Brenda Walker (email her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites, LimitsToGrowth.org and ImmigrationsHumanCost.org. She thinks our plain-spoken 33rd President, "Give 'em hell" Harry Truman said it right: "I never gave anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell."

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