A New York Reader Has An Article Idea For Newsday
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April 29, 2003

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From: Pavlos I. P. [email protected] NY, NY).

"An 'Invisible Crisis': Homeless Day Laborers," by Ron Howell, Newsday, April 21, 2003

For Darwin Midence, April is the month of greatest hope.

It's the month when the grinding poverty of the long winter begins to recede and the dream of work and money comes into focus.

Midence is a day laborer from Honduras, and for the past six months, he and a series of friends had been living in an abandoned truck trailer. Their makeshift home sits in a scrap yard off a well-trafficked New York City street. Out of pride and out of fear that authorities might evict them, the men asked that the location not be further identified….

Blanca Lopez, who coordinated the recent [New School-UCLA] day laborer study, called the workers' housing problems "an invisible crisis." She said because the laborers are mostly undocumented and do not speak English, they live in the shadows of society and are its "most vulnerable workers"…

I am unsure of where Mr. Howell resides but many New York City residents are very well aware of this and many other visible crises caused by mass and illegal immigration.

Indeed, the Queens Chronicle ("Flushing Meadows Rape Victim Will File Lawsuit Against City," 3/13/2003)  has exposed how city government ineptitude contributed to the continued existence of a shanty town of illegal alien criminals responsible for the gang rape of a legal immigrant from Cuba.

Does Ron Howell have any sympathy for the legal immigrants whose wages and working conditions are undermined by illegal alien laborers? Why not an article about them? Why not an article on the Latin American elites who continue to horde the wealth of their nations instead of investing it in their own citizens?

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