I Told You So Department: Immigrant Entrepreneur Shoots Up Airport
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On the Fourth of July, limo driver Hesham Mohamed Ali Hadayet took two guns and a knife to the LA Airport, and attempted to shoot up the El Al ticket counter, at which point an El Al security man shot him dead. The FBI can't figure out whether he was a terrorist or not. They've suffered from denial for some time.

With unusual candor for the mainstream press, however, the shooter has been identified as an immigrant, even in the headlines. He was a deportable immigrant in the 90's and he was scheduled for deportation, but his wife won the Green Card Lottery, and he was allowed to stay.

Time for a VDARE.COM "I told you so": The Wall Street Journal has repeatedly argued that terrorist mass murders shouldn't cause America to kick out the millions of illegals who "bus tables" et cetera, thereby contributing cheap labor to the economy.

Are they going to change their tune now that a typical immigrant entrepreneur turns out to be a terrorist, not because of an international plot, but because he was part of a community for whom terror is a tradition, a community now established in the United States.

The question for the Wall Street Journal is: How many entrepreneurs and busboys have to commit murder before they start to notice a pattern? Sam Francis said during the anthrax scare that Arab immigrants were

"the real problem, not the chaps in Afghanistan, and that they are capable of acting on their own without direct contact with the chiefs of the network."

Mr. Hadayet seems to have proved him right. If James Taranto or Tamar Jacoby want to issue a full and frank apology, they can write to the editors at [email protected].

July 10, 2002

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