A Small Media Victory
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National Public Radio (!) now admits that Hispanic drunk driving is a growing problem [Drinking and Driving Plagues Latino Immigrants, 7/21/06]. (Link leads to a 4-minute sound clip.)

Latino advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies have launched campaigns to reduce drunk driving among immigrants. In many states, Latinos are responsible for a disproportionate number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related car accidents.

That's the good news 151 a small acceptance of the truth that culture has a lot to do with behavior, including the anti-social and criminal kind. The bad news is that the report was dry and wonkish, with no mention that drunk driving can lead to the deaths of innocent individuals, or that many of the perps are illegal aliens.

For the personal stories of open borders' victims, you have to read VDARE.com and Immigrations Human Cost: for example the young paramedic Ryan Ostendorf, mandolin expert Charlie Derrington, Tennessee married couple Donna and Sean Wilson and nursing student Natalie Housand.

All were killed by drunk driving illegal aliens.

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