Delaware’s Lauren Witzke—Advocating An Immigration Moratorium In A State Where National Populism Should Win
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Previously: Candidate Who Favors Immigration Moratorium Wins GOP Senate Primary In Delaware

Immigration patriots saw a major victory last week: a committed America First candidate won the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware. Lauren Witzke puts immigration at the center of her agenda and champions an immigration moratorium. If she wins, Witzke would be, far and away, the best senator on immigration. It’s no surprise she is facing a full-frontal assault from the Main Stream Media and is being ignored by the GOP Establishment, which has made it clear that (despite Trump) it doesn’t want immigration patriots in the Senate (or House). Witzke is running in a once-contested state that, thanks to GOP Establishment uselessness, is now deep Blue. She faces many challenges ahead, but immigration patriots will be right there with her. Her emergence is a testament to the potency of National Populism.

Witzke’s campaign website lists immigration at the top of its Issues page. She separates herself from generic Republicans by addressing the problems with legal and illegal immigration. The Issues page directly attacks “GOP Establishment elites” for doing nothing on immigration, allowing in “ONE MILLION legal immigrants every year, on top of at least ONE MILLION illegal aliens.” She wants an immigration system that does not “hurt the job prospects of ordinary Americans, or erase American culture.”

Witzke’s plan for immigration is solid:

She will fight for an immigration moratorium, along with a fully funded and erected border wall, an end to chain migration and birthright citizenship, and to stop massive visa abuses.

Her Issues page also attacks the “cheap labor lobby” that undermines American workers and goes into great detail about the widespread abuse of our visa system:

Democrats used to care about American workers. Now they care about abstract ideas like ‘social justice’ perpetuated by urban elites, and have left the majority of American workers behind.

Witzke vows to address demographics through “legislation to further incentivize marriage and child-bearing, thus increasing American birthrates and rebuilding our culture to center it around the American Family.”

She also promises to defend the Second Amendment and vehemently opposes unconstitutional “Red Flag” laws.

Witzke soundly defeated her state party endorsed opponent by a 14-point margin. Her decisive victory proves the popularity of immigration patriotism, even in the face of Establishment hostility. There’s a good reason roughly two-thirds of Americans back President Trump’s temporary immigration moratorium: it serves the interests of actual Americans. Sadly, not enough Republicans get the message. Witzke, on the other hand, does.

Not surprisingly, Witzke’s powerful agenda draws sharp attacks from the MSM. Anti-Right enforcer Will Sommer attacked Witzke for allegedly espousing QAnon “conspiracy theories,” “anti-Semitism,” and associating “with anti-Semitic and white nationalist figures in the “America First” faction of the pro-Trump right” [New QAnon-Allied GOP Senate Candidate Also Pushed Anti-Semitism, Flat Earthism, and 9/11 Conspiracies, by Will Sommer, The Daily Beast, September 16, 2020]. The Israeli Leftist newspaper Haaretz published an entire article shrieking over her thanking Groyper commentator Nicholas Fuentes for his support [Delaware GOP Primary Winner Linked to QAnon, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes, Haaretz, September 18, 2020]. Other outlets sank even lower and mocked Witzke for her frankly acknowledged struggle with drug addiction [QAnon-Supporting GOP Candidate Is A Flat-Earther With Arrest Record For Heroin, by Jake Thomas, The Intellectualist, September 17, 2020].

And, of course, Conservatism Inc joined the pile-on as well. The Daily Cucker published a sketchy rewrite of Sommer’s article and dubbed Witzke a QAnon supporter [Political Newcomer Who Supported QAnon, Lauren Witzke, Wins Delaware Senate Primary, by Andrew Trunsky, September 16, 2020].

Witzke does have some Dissident Media support. In a video interview with National File, she praised Newsmax and One America News for giving her a platform to share her message.

But outside these conservative outlets and the Dissident Right on Twitter, she’s shunned. Even local Delaware news media don’t seem to have profiled her since her victory.

On the other hand, her Politically Incorrect reaction to the passing of Queen Kritarch Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows how the game can be played. She tweeted this:

Her reaction immediately drew knee-jerk Shock! Horror! coverage (and some standard GOP cuckery) from an MSM that would much prefer to ignore her [Delaware Republican U.S. Senate candidate draws criticism for 'classless' RBG response,  by Jeff Neiburg, Delaware News Journal, September 19, 2020].

Delaware is precisely the kind of state that Bush-Ryan-Rove Republicanism has let slip through the party’s fingers. Currently, it does have a Democratic governor and congressional delegation, and Democrats also control both state chambers.  But Its sole congressional seat was held by a Republican until 2011. It could be won back with the right type of GOP campaign.

Delaware is remarkably white for a solid-Blue state. Sixty-two percent of the state is non-Hispanic white; 23% is black and less than 10% is Hispanic. It’s 22% Catholic—Witzke says she’s Orthodox but is strongly Right-To-Life. It has a lower share of foreign-born residents than the national average—9.2% versus 13.7% for the rest of the country. It has trouble retaining young urban professionals, a Democratic-leaning demographic—61 percent of people born in Delaware now live somewhere else and only 23 percent of Delaware’s population is between 18 and 34. Conversely, Delaware is a prime destination for retirees, a demographic that leans Republican [Young flee Delaware for better jobs, while retirees move here, by Molly Murray, Wilmington News Journal, May 8, 2016].

The state has a Blue-Collar reputation that should make it open to National Populist appeals. Open borders and unrestricted free trade threaten working class jobs in the state and few Democrats will stand up to these threats. But the problem is that few Republicans have run as national populists in the Blue Hen State.

Take Christine O’Donnell. In 2010, in an earlier rebellion by GOP primary voters against the party’s Establishment, the Tea Party-backed candidate won the nomination for the U.S. Senate seat that Joe Biden had vacated and which had temporarily been held by an appointee. She was widely mocked by the Dem/ media complex for her alleged gaffes and her atypical political background. Less attention was paid to her middling positions on immigration and trade. While saying she opposed Amnesty, she also said she wanted to make it easier for immigrants to gain citizenship. Her comments left open the possibility of illegal immigrants receiving this pathway to citizenship. She barely noticed free trade issues on the campaign trail. With all this and the usual lack of solid support from resentful national Republicans, her candidacy was hobbled and she eventually lost by 16 points to Chris Coons. Significantly, however, she still carried the white vote.

The GOP put a more Establishment candidate in 2014. Kevin Wade lost by a little over 13 points to the now-incumbent Democrat Coons. Wade didn’t make immigration much of an issue in the race, with his only identifiable stance being: “Secure the border; return lost children to home countries.” Not bad, but also not enough emphasis.

Of course, the GOP has rushed to support this attractive young (thirty-something) female candidate…. not. The national Republican Party is unlikely to invest any resources into Witzke’s campaign. With characteristic lack of imagination, the party has written off Delaware as a Democratic state.

The only defense for the national GOP: it may not have the resources for Witzke right now. The party is fighting a defensive battle over at least eight Senate seats in the middle of a grueling presidential election [8 Senate races with heavy fall spending, by James Arkin, Politico, May 1, 2020]. The party would probably put the same little resources into Delaware regardless of the nominee.

That’s unfortunate but it doesn’t mean Witzke can’t win. You can never discount the possibility of her opponent, Chris Coons, not bothering to campaign and Witzke’s message catching on in the Blue Hen state. Crazier things have happened in politics and no race is ever certain. Ask Eric Cantor.

One bit of good news: the national GOP is refusing to be stampeded by the MSM witch-hunt about QAnon (arguably the patriots’ version of the Russia Hoax) and is standing behind Witzke—officially, at least. There are plenty of examples of where the party has officially disavowed candidates who won their nominations. One notorious case: then-President George H.W. Bush and the Republican National Committee denouncing David Duke, their own party’s nominee in the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial race (which the Democrats of course promptly won) [Bush Denounces Duke As Racist and Charlatan,  by Roberto Suro, NYT, November 7, 1991] There’s less well-known examples, such as the Establishment sabotaging immigration patriot Seth Grossman’s New Jersey congressional run in 2018.

But it’s a different moment in 2020. There are at least three other “controversial” congressional nominees the GOP continues to support: Laura Loomer in Florida, Lauren Boebert in Colorado and Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia. All three are serious candidates and Greene is currently running unopposed [Democrat challenging controversial GOP congressional candidate in Georgia quits race, by Ally Mutnick, Politico, September 11, 2020]. Party apparatchiks are holding their nose and declining to disavow. They know these are the candidates the base wants. This shows some improvement.

Witzke could signal a new era in Delaware politics. Her message could win over more voters for Republicans than in nearly 10 years, with little expenditure of money, and could shift the safe blue state into a battleground territory. We will see more candidates like her win GOP nominations, especially if Trump keeps the White House.

The days when the GOP could ignore immigration are over. It’s not enough to say you oppose illegal immigration or support a wall--a genuine immigration patriot must address legal immigration and protect America from the dangers of demographic replacement.

Lauren Witzke, and Delaware’s GOP primary voters, show the national GOP the way.

Now where is the supportive tweet from President Trump?

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.


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