Immigration Patriot Laura Loomer Wins GOP Mar-A-Lago Primary, Annoying Conservatism Inc.
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The Daily Dot has a disgruntled story about immigration patriot Laura Loomer winning the GOP primary in the Florida district that contains Mar-A-Lago, Trump's famous home away from home.

Loomer is running as a Republican in Florida’s 21st congressional district. In today’s primary, she bested five opponents: Christian Acosta, Elizabeth Felton, Aaron Scanlan, Reba Sherrill, and Michael Vilardi.

Loomer, 27, is perhaps best-known for bizarre stunts, such as jumping the fence to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) private residence to protest immigration and chaining herself to Twitter’s headquarters to protest being suspended by the platform. She has also been suspended by GoFundMe, Facebook, Uber, and Lyft, several of which were for making Islamophobic statements.

Loomer made her internet suspensions a feature of her campaign, which focused on free speech, breaking up large tech companies, the Second Amendment, and “making America safe again.”

The issues page of her campaign website consisted of a YouTube video on each of these four subjects.

Although many ridiculed Loomer’s campaign ahead of today’s primary, Loomer raised more than $1 million—including from big-name Republican donors.

Florida primary called for Laura Loomer, Daily Dot,  August 18, 2020

Their sniffy description of her "bizarre stunts" omits the time she rushed the stage in Central Park to protest a Shakespeare play featuring the assassination of Donald Trump. See "Glad To Be Wrong" Department: Protesters Rush JULIUS CAESAR Stage

At the time, she shouted "Stop the normalization of political violence against the right." As a reminder, that was just after Steve Scalise was shot.

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You can see a VDARE TV video of Loomer on Bitchute here.

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