A Reader Reports That One Of The Losing House Republicans Was Betrayed By His Party For Quoting VDARE.com
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Re: James Fulford's article NJ-4 Immigration Patriot Seth Grossman Smeared By CultMarx Enforcers (Even Though He Disses VDARE.com)

From: A Berkeley, CA Reader [Email her]

In case you haven't seen this post-mortem of Seth Grossman's campaign, here it is, with lots of interesting details about how it was sabotaged by the Republican establishment and the media. It's excerpted from Grossman's own post election email:

First, let me thank those of you who helped me come so close to defeating Democrat Jeff Van Drew and preserving the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. 

Thanks to you, we overcame so many enormous obstacles.  The biggest was sabotage and attacks from where we least expected it--from national and state leaders of our own Republican Party!

Unfortunately, they did the same thing to many good conservative candidates for Congress throughout America.  They, not Trump, put Bob Menendez back in the U.S. Senate.  They, not Trump, gave Democrats control of U.S. House of Representatives. ….

Unnecessary Obstacles From GOP Leaders

A month before I won the Primary last June, Steve Stivers of @NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) told the Philadelphia Inquirer: “I wish we had a better recruit in the LoBiondo seat, but we don’t.”  At that time, Hirsh Singh, Sam Fiocchi and Robert Turkavage and I were all candidates.

My response to the Press of Atlantic City: "The NRCC is looking for a rich candidate with no political experience who will fund his own campaign, and then do what he is told after the election.  These Republican leaders don’t care if they lose the seat to Democrat Van Drew, as long as they can blame Trump". 

The conduct of those Republican leaders during the next six months proved that I was right.

They continued their sabotage after I surprised them by winning the June Primary.   When Democrats took my comments opposing "diversity" for employment, promotions, and scholarships completely out of context, top NJ State Republican leaders repeated the Democrat lies and publicly attacked me.

When I successfully defended my views on "diversity" these Republican leaders attacked me again.   They repeated Media Matters, CNN and Democrat lies about Facebook posts I had shared years ago--posts also shared at the time by many prominent Republican leaders.  

None of those GOP 'leaders' made any effort to hear my side of the story.  None of them even returned my phone calls!

See a previous letter from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: Briefly, Grossman committed two "hate crimes"--sharing an American Renaissance article that had been promoted by black Republican Allen West, and sharing an Allan Wall article from 2003 in 2010. The article was called Police Cooperate With Immigration Authorities - In Mexico!
And that's all. He immediately threw us under the bus, rather than saying "The article speaks for itself", but that didn't help him with Steve Stivers, who also tried to sabotage Steve King, just before this crucial election.
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