COULD The Biden Regime POSSIBLY Have Ramped Up The Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program… To Supply Pedophile Rings?
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At the beginning of President Obama’s second term in 2012, a new Treason Lobby stratagem was deployed—what we at called the Kidinvasion. Significant numbers of unaccompanied alien children (known in Border Patrol–speak as UACs) were appearing at the southern border, where U.S. officials were taking them in and flying them into the U.S. interior to be delivered to their (alleged) relatives.

At the time, the Obamacrats had not yet summoned the nerve to implement their shortly to be announced No Borders policy. Americans were just guilted about “Family Reunification.” The purpose seemed to be a small but significant acceleration of the Great Replacement.

But after Biden cheated his way into power, a curious thing happened.

Border Enforcement was shut down, of course. This September saw a record influx, ending FY 2023 at over 2 million illegals.

But, although the Great Replacement agenda no longer needed the Kidinvasion loophole, nevertheless the UAC influx was massively expanded—131,500 in 2023. Trump’s last year saw only 33,239.

Why? Especially as it appears most of the kids are now going to sponsors who are unrelated and unknown to them.

Many of these kids are made to work for unscrupulous employers, their sponsors acting as gangmasters. But I doubt the anticipated profitability of this could have been such as to induce the Biden Mob to make the sweeping regulatory changes that they did.

What would be profitable enough: sex.

My theory: Perverts in the Biden Administration and their friends in the prostitution Industry pushed through these changes, for their profit and pleasure. In this depraved Age, of course, little boys are as vulnerable as little girls.

Last May, I asked Biden’s Unaccompanied Minor Laxness Intended To Help Child Prostitution Rackets?.

My May blog dealt with two reports. The first was ZeroHedge’s Modern-Day Slave Traders’: Hawley Demands Probe Into 85,000 ’Lost’ Migrant Children, by Tyler Durden, April 29,2023:

According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, approximately 345,000 minors have crossed into the United States unaccompanied since President Joe Biden took office…

“The Biden Administration is morally responsible for their fate. The President lifted Title 42 restrictions on unaccompanied children in early 2021,“ wrote Hawley in a Friday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Reporting reveals that HHS loosened vetting processes for sponsors and retaliated against whistleblowers who raised these concerns. As a result, thousands of children have been handed over to modern-day slave traders.“ [Emphases in original]

The second:  As Migrant Children Were Put to Work, U.S. Ignored Warnings, by Hannah Dreier, New York Times, April 17, 2023. This carries the all-too-accurate subhead: The White House and federal agencies were repeatedly alerted to signs of children at risk. The warnings were ignored or missed.

Besides distressing documentation of the hardship suffered by these children, the NYT’s Dreier amply reported on dereliction by “White House and federal agencies” and also named two whistleblowers whose complaints caused them to be fired.

While it was very valuable as far as it went, I had a complaint about Dreier’s article:

In Alien Nation [ Editor] Peter Brimelow reported on a night spent with the Border Patrol near San Diego:

My young guide, in general remarkably cheerful about the Border Patrol’s thankless task, said it was the illegals’ children that he found most distressing, too. Particularly when the Border Patrol got there too late and found that bandits had already managed to steal them.

Steal them? I said stupidly.

“They sell them to child-prostitution rings.”

Alien Nation (1995) P239

That an alert reporter like Hannah Dreier completely omitted this aspect is odd. Probably her editors thought it too explosive. They are not alone: see  MSM Ignores Veritas’ Expose of Biden Child Sex & Labor Trafficking | VDARE Video Bulletin.

Now the Center For Immigration Studies has released a devastating 47-minute podcast: Unaccompanied and Unsafe: Biden Policies Facilitate Exploitation and Abuse of Child Migrants [Parsing Immigration Policy, Episode 126, by Jessica M. Vaughan and Tara Lee Rodas, October 12, 2023].

Tara Lee Rodas is a 20-year veteran Fed employee who has emerged as a key whistleblower (albeit not one of those cited in Dreier’s NYT article) on this scandal. She pointed out that MS-13 operatives were running children in and out of the UAC processing center where she worked. For this, she was summarily ejected, her badge confiscated, and she was threatened with an investigation (Podcast 33:40).

Rodas featured briefly along with Jessica Vaughan [Follow her on Twitter] in a short Fox News interview on the issue in April following a Congressional hearing:

Their new CIS podcast starts amusingly, as always, with clips of President Obama, Senator McCain (“build the dang fence”), President Johnson (“This bill that we will sign today is not a revolutionary bill”), and others lying about immigration policy.

And, as one would expect in a long discussion between two very knowledgeable and very committed people, this podcast is somewhat circuitous.

But several key points kept recurring:

  • Both ladies put sex-trafficking front and center of their concerns (unlike the New York Times’ Dreier). They mentioned it repeatedly. For instance, at 10:05 Rodas tells of a young girl complaining she did not know the woman she had been placed with, who was pimping her out. At 15:58 she tells of a young man who picked up his alleged “sister,” only to be seen on social media a week later in a “sexy embrace” with her. Apparently, he had imported a mistress/sex slave. If the police still raided brothels, they would not doubt find many of these children. [Note: Links should open the YouTube version of the podcast at the time named.]
  • On coming into office, the Biden Administration hugely increased the risks to all unaccompanied child illegal aliens by dismantling virtually all vetting of would-be sponsors (4:25). No background checks, no proof of income, no proof of address, and of course no interview or home inspection (14:48). Even “Consular IDs” (issued by foreign consuls, only needed if the holder is an illegal alien) are accepted as identification (13:45). Rodas says (14:08) that a majority of sponsors are now illegals, who are by definition not keen on being traced. At 16:48 she suggests that the relevant Federal Agency, Health and Human Services (HHS), is more interested in protecting the confidentiality of the sponsor than the safety of the child. In fact, the Biden Regime has declared that any Illegal sponsoring a child will be immune from deportation—a sort of retail Amnesty (44:47).
  • Follow-up inspections are effectively nonexistent. At one time, HHS Case Officers placed a follow-up call 30 days after the child was shipped out. The 85,000 “lost” children Senator Hawley mentioned above were simply cases where contact was not made. Rodas points out (21:30) that there is no certainty that those answering these calls are who they say they are, or are telling the truth. There is no contact with the actual child. She believes the number of “lost” children is far higher than 85,000. Significantly, the results so distressed the Case Officers that the Administration switched the task to an impersonal, indifferent call center (23:30).
  • In effect, the Biden Regime has industrialized the UAC invasion, in line with the process I discussed in NY TIMES: Colombian Pols Getting Rich Off Darien Gap Influx—President Sneers At U.S. When the Obama Regime started using the Kidinvasion stratagem in its second term, the driving force seemed to be individual families. Jessica Vaughan remarks (7:58) that 70 percent actually went to relatives in America. Now it is thought to be far less. Rodas points out (28:20) that, since the Regime is overriding state child-welfare regulations and also providing taxpayer-funded accommodation and transport to the interior for children delivered at the border, it has “created a pull” (28:40), incentivizing organizations, some criminal (29:25), in the source countries to recruit actively and sometimes dishonestly. Children arrive at the border with names and addresses of people of whom they say they have no knowledge (6:40). In effect, Biden has partnered America with Latino gangs in child trafficking (30:28).
  • In addition, the Biden Regime has created a whole new branch of the Refugee Resettlement Industry. Rodas notes (17:30) that NGOs like Cherokee Federal are receiving “hundreds of millions” as contractors to ship the children to their destinations—a powerful lobby for the continuation of this outrage. Frequently, deliveries are made in the middle of the night (22:58), seemingly to avoid alerting the locals.
  • Both Vaughan and Rodas emphasize that HHS and the shipment contractors explicitly deny any responsibility for the welfare of the children once delivered (20:50). They expect state and local government to fill the gap (26:38).
  • State and local governments are naturally appalled about having these responsibilities dumped on them without notice, especially as the federal procedures outflank their own much stricter regulations. They see resources meant for their own troubled—American—children being commandeered by these aliens, and NGO resources being bid away by the Feds, who pay more (39:50).

The harsh exploitation of the children put to work is discussed in the CIS podcast at length, supplementing Hannah Dreier’s vivid New York Times account. The Biden Regime has recreated the brutal conditions of early Victorian England, as seen in Oliver Twist.

Some of the blame of course adheres to the employers, some prominent, who are willing to ignore immigration status and age limits. Rodas sadly remarks (31:50) that adequate immigration or hours and conditions inspection could prevent this “but these have all been dismantled” (32:20).

When asked directly why so many children are now being sent to unrelated sponsors Rodas says meaningfully that there are “many theories“—but avoids discussing them (8:30). Subsequently (35:55) she says

 …there are children today who are being sold for sex…We cannot be the Land of Child Rape.

Quantifying the sex industry aspect of this influx is difficult because of the general withdrawal of police monitoring of the sector and its general secretiveness. Anecdotes abound. But. frankly, what would one expect to happen to children set loose with no means of support, no English, and no one who cares about them?

Many are profiting from this atrocity. But who had the ability to actually cause it?

Given the number of freaks and perverts the Biden Regime delights in employing

the grim fact is that increasing the supply to child prostitution operations probably has supporters in the White House. (See this account of Biden’s State Department ambassadors and their activities.)

Minds that could dream up the Charlottesville and January 6 ambushes are capable of any self-serving exploit.

But this story has wider implications.

Vaughan and Rodas deplored the stone-hearted indifference of the Democrats at their April Congressional hearing. Reports of children suffering did not move a single one of them.

The end justifies the means. The tender-hearted underdog-loving Democrats of yesteryear are gone.

This is a communist coup. And Jacobin-style sexual perversion is integral to it.

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