Memo to Erick Erickson: Deportation Means Family Reunification
February 06, 2018, 11:37 AM
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I don’t know who appointed Erick Erickson the Commander of Conservatism, but it’s time he is dethroned and a real conservative, particularly an immigration patriot, is put in his place.

Here is his latest from “The Resurgent”:

This is Going to Become a Problem for the GOP

February 5, 2018

ICE agents tearing up families because of a long overstayed visa is going to be used against Republicans in 2018.

The number of these stories is mounting. You know the story. The good family man next door who is rounded up by ICE agents and deported for overstaying his visa by thirty years.

I know most of the readers here will have no problem with these stories. You think they should all be rounded up and deported. But you are in the minority. You may hold your head high and pat yourself on the back for your strong law and order stance, but the majority of Americans do not agree with you. And when neighbors see their friend who has done no wrong in their eyes rounded up and hauled away, they get upset. When they see families broken apart they get upset.

When March comes, there is a the strong potential for DACA recipients to start being deported. A judge in San Francisco says no, but that does not quite preclude ICE from stepping up efforts or that judge getting reversed on appeal.

This is a real problem for the GOP and it is what is pushing them to cut a deal on immigration ASAP. They want to deprive the Democrats of DACA kids used as photo-ops to get citizenship for other, non-DACA illegal aliens. They want to deprive the Democrats, as well, of photo-ops of torn apart families and neighbors angry that their harmless friends were hauled away.

Law and order zealousness in the face of strong political winds tends to crumble. The media leans left already and has a strong desire to help on the illegal immigration front. The media will find these stories useful and will seek them out. Republicans in Congress know this and would very much like a deal.

Erickson knew from the minute he started typing this post that his commenters would disagree, which indeed they do.

Erickson’s is the standard GOP establishment answer to everything: If the left demands something and threatens to smear conservatives and Republicans if they don’t surrender, then we have to surrender so we won’t get smeared.

What Erickson doesn’t seem to have learned from the last three elections, including that last one in which we prevailed, is that surrender never appeases the left.

It won’t matter if ICE deports every illegal in the country in the next 90 days, or whether President Trump signs an amnesty and invites an entire village to move into the White House. The left will vilify him, his supporters and every white person in the country as a racist maniac who wants to “tear up” immigrant families, or worse, murder them outright.

Now, as to Erickson’s premise, that ICE is “tearing up” families, no, the people breaking the laws are tearing up the families by living here illegally. And the way to stop “tearing up” these families is by sending the whole family back home, not just the father or mother. That way the family stays together and have each other for mutual support.

And going back won’t be so bad anyway. For one thing, if we can’t stop chain migration because these immigrants have so many relatives back home who are eligible to come here, then the deportees will they’ll have plenty of help getting on their feet and readjusting. For another, readjustment won’t be hard because none of these countries are the “s***holes” that our mean president thinks they are. The left and media assure us of that.

Indeed, given that Erickson is so concerned about tearing up families, perhaps he should favor deportation as a means of family reunification.