Biden’s Unaccompanied Minor Laxness Intended To Help Child Prostitution Rackets?
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H/T ZeroHedge, for a succinct summary article on a Biden Administration scandal which, not so long ago. would probably have caused such bipartisan outrage as to end his Presidency.

’Modern-Day Slave Traders’: Hawley Demands Probe Into 85,000 ’Lost’ Migrant Children

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is demanding that the FBI investigate the exploitation of thousands of unaccompanied alien children (IUAC) who may have been brought into the United States via child smuggling operations.

According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, approximately 345,000 minors have crossed into the United States unaccompanied since President Joe Biden took office, while a report from the NY Times suggests that the Department of Health and Human Services has lost contact with 85,000 of these minors.

”The Biden Administration is morally responsible for their fate. The President lifted Title 42 restrictions on unaccompanied children in early 2021,” wrote Hawley in a Friday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray. ”Reporting reveals that HHS loosened vetting processes for sponsors and retaliated against whistleblowers who raised these concerns. As a result, thousands of children have been handed over to modern-day slave traders.” [Emphases added]

(The ZH headline is slightly off the mark. Hawley is rightly concerned with the fate of all the children.)

No doubt Hawley had several sources for his assertions. But all that is really needed is the New York Times article linked to above: As Migrant Children Were Put to Work, U.S. Ignored Warnings, by Hannah Dreier, April 17, 2023. This carries the accurate sub headline The White House and federal agencies were repeatedly alerted to signs of children at risk. The warnings were ignored or missed.

Taking some 4,200 words, Hannah Dreier vividly and copiously documents

  • Very many of the children were turned over to “sponsors” who were effectively Gang Masters. These placed them in employment, usually arduous and with long hours, and then only contacted them to collect alleged debts.
  • A number of whistleblowers warning about potential sponsors and the realities of what the children were enduring were fired or demoted.
  • Despite the federal agencies involved several times alerting the White House about the situation, nothing changed. To Hannah Dreier, White House officials flatly denied being told anything.

The callousness and indifference to suffering displayed here reminds one of reading about the stone-hearted employers of the early Industrial Age.

I see two great faults in the NY Times story. First, the reason for the Border Rush is misrepresented. COVID’s impact on Central American economies is blamed. In that case, why is it still accelerating? Biden’s shutting down of Border enforcement is the cause.

The second is much more inflammatory. In Alien Nation Peter Brimelow reported on a night spent with the Border Patrol near San Diego:

My young guide, in general remarkably cheerful about the Border Patrol’s thankless task, said it was the illegals’ children that he found most distressing, too. Particularly when the Border Patrol got there too late and found that bandits had already managed to steal them.

Steal them? I said stupidly.

“They sell them to child-prostitution rings”

Alien Nation (1995) P239

This was 20 years ago. With the increased decadence of America, this is certain to have been the fate of all too many of the children Biden has fecklessly allowed in.

That an alert reporter like Hannah Dreier completely omitted this aspect is odd. Probably her editors thought it too explosive. They are not alone: see  MSM Ignores Veritas’ Expose of Biden Child Sex & Labor Trafficking | VDARE Video Bulletin.

The primary purpose of Biden’s No Borders policy is of course to maximize an Hispanic underclass to be obedient Democratic voters. These children, usually deprived of education by their ‘Sponsors’ greed, will be excellent recruits, producing plenty of Anchor Babies quite soon.

Quite possibly the Gang Masters profiting from this trade are useful political allies in the Hispanic community.

But in these degenerate times, and given the number of freaks and perverts the Biden administration delights in employing, the grim fact is that increasing the supply to child prostitution operations may have supporters in the White House.  

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