Obamacrats Stay With No-Borders/Kidinvasion Stratagem. GOP Leadership Stays Bribed
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The Obamacrat No Borders policy and cynical exploitation of American kindness and sentimentalism using the Kidinvasion stratagem is continuing full swing. 127 Unaccompanied Alien Children Caught At Mexican Border Per Day In June By Brittany M. Hughes CNS.com July 13 reports
...according to the most recent data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)… 26,685 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at the Southwest U.S. border so far in FY2015, which began on Oct. 1…By the end of May the total number of apprehended UACs was 22,869, meaning another 3,816 children were caught after crossing the border during the month of June.

Averaged across the 30 days of June, this means about 127 children were apprehended per day last month.

Essentially U.S. Border Officials have become travel expeditors. Further encouraging more invaders even the possibility of detention is being shut down
Immigration officials over the last two weeks released dozens of women and children from South Texas detention centers… the Homeland Security Department begins converting a 500-bed detention center in Karnes County and a 2,000-bed center in Dilley into what will essentially be processing centers where officials say women and children will undergo the first stage of the asylum process… U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Richard Rocha said in a statement. “Going forward, ICE will generally not detain mothers with children ICE releasing immigrant families from detention by Jason Busch San Antonio Express-News June 13, 2015
Asylum processing is just rubber stamping: Only six percent of all unaccompanied alien children sent back home from U.S. Catholic Online 7/8/2015 reports
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson said “Since 2009, from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, there have been over 100,000 - 109,000 — unaccompanied children coming to this country…Of the children coming in 2009, we returned about 30 percent. In 2010, we returned about 22 percent. In 2011, we returned about 24 percent. In 2012, 12 percent. In 2013, 6.2 percent. In 2014, 2.7 percent. And as of 2015, about 3.8 percent," he explained.
(VDARE.com emphasis) Johnson continued:
Is that sending a signal to the people in Central America that as an unaccompanied child, if you come into America, you've got about a 95, 94.3 percent chance of being able to stay? he added. "I would say it's an incentive.”
It should not be forgotten that none of these burdens on the American taxpayer would be here if the Treason Lobby had not prevented the building of an Israeli-style border fence.

Immigration War veterans will not be surprised at the obscurity of these news sources. The MSM has exercised its prerogative to decide the 2015 Kidinvasion being promoted by the Obama Administration is Not News.

Nor will they be surprised that there is a resounding silence from the GOP Congressional Establishment. Their attitude was exemplified by today’s report of a related matter in Conservative Review: Breaking: Cornyn, Alexander Oppose Vote on Sanctuary Cities

Republican leaders are opposing a vote on an amendment that would put an end to liberal cities thwarting federal immigration laws, “sanctuary cities.” … This is part of a growing trend by GOP leaders to oppose timely and politically-winning conservative amendments, while conducting votes on far-left social engineering priorities from Democrats
The most plausible reason for this objectively weird behavior is corruption. I pointed this out in December in Why Has GOP Leadership Spurned Base, Election And Constitution? Severe ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder)!

They have been paid off to connive at the immivasion of America plus whatever leftist social engineering catches the fancy of the big Donors.

And they are staying bought.

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